5 TVS bikes and scooters to buy in Nepal. Plus, updated price list for Feb 2021

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As a brand, TVS has travel leaps and bounds successful caller years. It got a batch of attraction successful the precocious 2000s erstwhile it released Apache 150 and RTR 160. But with different brands coming into the market, it mislaid its charm. But lately, it has travel back, and backmost with a bang. It has a batch much options successful each terms variants. Apart from bikes, the caller scope of almighty scooters has besides caught the oculus of galore successful the country.

Last week, we brought to you the champion Bajaj has to connection successful assorted terms ranges. This week, we bring to you the champion TVS motors person to offer.

1. Jupiter

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This is 1 of TVS’ astir fashionable products. Many reviews reason that it is simply a amended alternate to Honda Activa arsenic it rides better, feels plusher and sports a astute design. Its show is rather creaseless arsenic it offers decent mileage. The caller i-Touchstart exertion gives Jupiter a soundless and speedy start, making it perfect for repeated starts successful stop-and-go traffic. It besides comes with a charging constituent and an externally opening substance tank. It is offered successful 4 variants- Standard, ZX, ZX Disc, and Classic, truthful don’t worry, determination is simply a Jupiter for everyone.

2. Ntorq Race Edition

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A small much almighty than Jupiter, Ntorq is an fantabulous premix of performance, features and practicality. It is simply a amusive scooter that is perfect for anyone. It has got a large pick-up and a steadfast mileage. It is simply a spot heavy, but it rides precise smoothly. Its ample wheels are besides a bonus and perfect for Nepali roads. Looks-wise, it is rather bully excessively arsenic the Race variation comes with caller graphics, hazard lights and an LED headlight and, similar Jupiter, it besides comes with a charging port. If you are looking for a almighty scooter, this is it.

3. TVS Max 125 Semi-Trail

Many telephone this an escapade motorcycle for the communal man. It is rather businesslike and is perfect for each kinds of terrain. It has got bully handling, is unchangeable and is cleanable if you often question astir the hills of Nepal. For the price, it is astir apt the champion fund off-road motorcycle successful the market. But, arsenic it is cheap, you lone get an analogue speedometer and is rather basal looking. But, similar the scooters, this excessively has a USB larboard wherever you tin complaint your telephone if you tally retired of batteries during your adventures.

4. Apache RTR 180

TVS says that RTR 180 is 1 of its astir applicable bikes for Nepal. Given the magnitude of clip 1 has to halt owed to traffic, TVS’s GTT (glide done traffic) diagnostic for the motorcycle lets the rider debar utilizing the clutch and accelerator again and again successful postulation conditions. It besides comes with telescopic forks suspension astatine the front, on with a mono-shock setup astatine the rear. Perfect for Nepal’s inconsistent roads, it, however, not overmuch changed looks-wise. But, TVS says the RTR 180 2V comes with all-new graphics. A bully midrange option…

5. RR 310

This motorcycle is fast. Very fast! Sure, it is not perfect, but it is simply a motorcycle that tin beryllium ridden to work, to the racetrack, and adjacent connected the racetrack. Furthermore, it has the roadworthy beingness of bikes with treble the motor capacity. It looks chill and feels rather creaseless too. Riding solo, 1 is bound to consciousness similar Valentino Rossi, but with a pillion, you mightiness person to beryllium a spot careful. The RR 310 has unsocial features too. It has a full of 4 riding modes – rain, urban, athletics and track. These modes connection antithetic setups, based connected the motor power/response and ABS. If you are a velocity freak and bash not privation to walk a luck connected KTM bikes, this is the motorcycle for you.

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