7 Crime & Mystery K-Dramas That Keep Us On The Edge Of Our Seats

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Crime and enigma K-dramas are often underrated successful favour of their romanticist counterparts. While there’s thing much satisfying to ticker than an epic romance unfold, sometimes you privation to enactment the fluttering feelings of emotion to the broadside and ticker thing much thrilling. From execution mysteries to conspiracies, to delving into the paranormal, determination are truthful galore good, thrilling transgression and enigma dramas to watch. Here are a fewer favorites.

Warning: mentions of violence, intersexual assault, and decease below.

Witch’s Court

“Witch’s Court” is simply a woman-led prosecution play that delves into crimes astir intersexual violence. The communicative begins erstwhile Ma Yi Deum (Jung Ryeo Won) testifies against 1 of her coworkers for harassment, and arsenic punishment from her superiors, she gets placed into the enactment crimes unit. Although she’s not needfully fond of the transfer, she rapidly begins to springiness each lawsuit her all. Along the way, she also starts to uncover the information astir her mother’s disappearance from erstwhile she was young.

What makes this play truthful addicting is however Ma Yi Deum and her squad halt astatine thing to get justness for the victims. Sexual unit is simply a transgression that is often trivialized, and victims don’t ever get the justness they rightfully deserve. Although it tin look alternatively grotesque and dense astatine times — particularly erstwhile it seems similar the perpetrator is winning — ‘Witch’s Court” does a large occupation astatine tackling specified delicate cases and creating a satisfying ending that provides justness and calls attraction to the problems that make and alteration these crimes.

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He is Psychometric

Combining transgression with the supernatural, tvN’s “He is Psychometric” follows the communicative of Lee Ahn (GOT7’s Jinyoung) who has the quality to consciousness people’s secrets done touch. He gains this quality aft losing his parents successful a occurrence and being saved by his person (and present prosecutor) Kang Sung Mo (Kim Kwon). He’s besides fiercely connected with a constabulary serviceman named Yoon Jae In (Shin Ye Eun) who harbors a acheronian concealed she doesn’t privation to beryllium revealed: that her begetter is successful jailhouse for the occurrence that killed Ahn’s parents. Once Yoon Jae and Ahn observe each other’s secrets, they enactment unneurotic to lick the arson that destroyed their families.

This play switches betwixt the past and present, which of people amps up the suspense successful thrill. Like astir shows that delve into the cases and minds of killers, this play poses the question of quality vs. nurture. Are killers calved oregon are they made? Although the events of the occurrence and the different crimes that travel up on the mode are rather gruesome and tragic, Ahn’s bright property drives the amusement guardant arsenic good arsenic his narration with Yoon Jae In to make a cleanable equilibrium of romance and mystery.

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Tell Me What You Saw

“Tell Me What You Saw” is simply a thriller play that follows the communicative of a celebrated transgression profiler, Oh Hyun Jae (Jang Hyuk) who goes into seclusion aft a serial slayer known arsenic the Mint Killer murders his fiancée. Five years aft the tragedy, a rookie constabulary serviceman named Cha Soo Young (Girl’s Generation’s Sooyoung), who has a photographic memory, is paired with Oh Hyun Jae and elite detective Hwang Hwa Young (Jin Seo Yeon) to lick the lawsuit erstwhile the Mint Killer resurfaces.

“Tell Me What You Saw” does not shy distant from showing the victim’s last moments. Between the deaths and the pursuit scenes, this play is action-packed and gives the viewers small clip to breathe. Instead, you’re perpetually trying to portion unneurotic each the clues and fig retired however the squad of detectives volition lick their existent case, arsenic good arsenic the Mint Killer case. Another item that this play does good is showcasing the intricacies of trauma aft specified large events. Aside from Hyun Jae’s seclusion, Hwa Young suffers from panic attacks arsenic she struggles to yet reclaim and resoluteness her erstwhile trauma. Soo Young’s trauma, connected the different hand, drives her to beryllium much empathetic and combat 110 percent for the victims of immoderate case. They marque rather an impeccable team, and it’s a joyousness to watch.

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Nobody Knows

This database wouldn’t beryllium implicit without SBS’s “Nobody Knows.” The communicative follows the detective Cha Young Jin (Kim Seo Hyung) who is determined to lick her champion person Choi Soo Jung’s (Kim Shi Eun) murder. 19 years walk and the lawsuit remains unsolved until the serial slayer begins to termination again. Around this time, her downstairs neighbour Go Eun Ho (Ahn Jin Ho) — who she tends to look retired for — gets gravely injured and becomes comatose. As the play progresses, the 2 cases blend unneurotic arsenic Young Jin fights to uncover the information and support past from repeating itself.

This is rather perchance my favourite play connected this list. Unlike dramas that show most of the episodes before revealing the murderer, this 1 technically reveals theirs successful the premiere episodes. However, it’s truthful intricately written and woven unneurotic that the enigma really begins erstwhile Young Jin apprehends the archetypal suspect. It’s creepy, riveting, and has you wondering who is going to dice and who is going to survive. But what truly drives this amusement is Cha Young Jin’s narration with Go Eun Ho. Cha Young Jin takes rather the motherly relation for Eun Ho, and the brace supports and helps each other, adjacent though they are apart. It’s a play that volition person your bosom pounding successful your thorax and sobbing each astatine the aforesaid time.

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“The Good Detective”

“The Good Detective” is simply a play that races against time. After a fewer calls reporting a missing miss and murders, detectives Gang Do Chang (Son Hyun Joo) and Oh Ji Hyuk (Jang Seung Jo) statesman to look for Lee Eun Hye (Lee Ha Eun), the girl of a convicted serial killer. As the lawsuit unfolds, it becomes wide that her father, Lee Dae Chul (Jo Jae Yoon), was wrongly convicted. Unfortunately, Lee Dae Chul’s execution day is set, truthful the clip framework for them to uncover the information is already ticking away. From faking vacations to analyse to getting framed for different crimes, these 2 volition halt astatine thing to effort and close the incorrect that Gang Do Chang fto hap each those years ago.

Lee Dae Chul’s case displays a deep-rooted corruption of the constabulary unit arsenic good arsenic the prosecution. It’s addicting to spot everything unfold arsenic the brace of detectives bash their champion to excavation up the disfigured information and exposure it to the world. As a plus, dissimilar different transgression dramas wherever the code is rather serious, this play masters drama beauteous well. Do Chang and Ji Hyuk bicker a lot, but it’s their camaraderie that drives the show.

Flower of Evil

When it comes to transgression and romance, usually the 2 don’t mix. Or, much commonly, determination are conscionable subtle hints since romance isn’t the main plotline of the show. However, tvN’s “Flower of Evil” takes the plunge of intricately tying a matrimony into a acold lawsuit that’s implicit a decennary old. The communicative follows detective Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won) who discovers that her husband, Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon Gi) whitethorn really beryllium a murderer. It feels similar an understatement to accidental that these 2 spell done hellhole arsenic they some effort to lick the lawsuit and uncover the existent events that happened.

The romance perfectly drives this play forward. With each episode, you genuinely person nary thought if their matrimony volition autumn isolated oregon go stronger than ever. The play toys with Hee Sung’s innocence rather a spot successful the beginning, but by the end, you can’t assistance but anticipation for their blessed ending. Each quality is profoundly connected, and those connections positive the drama’s insane attraction to item marque the execution enigma truthful addicting to fig out. Once you commencement this drama, you’ll person to support watching until you finish.

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“Beyond Evil”

“Beyond Evil” is a new intelligence thriller that follows the communicative of 2 detectives. Lee Dong Shik (Shin Ha Kyun) is haunted by the disappearance of his sister while Han Joo Won (Yeo Jin Goo) is simply a promising detective who strives to travel the rules. After losing an informant successful a sting cognition gone wrong and trying to analyse what helium believed to beryllium unsolved serial murders, Joo Won transfers himself to the Manyang constabulary presumption to lick the case. Although helium archetypal suspects Lee Dong Shik, the brace yet enactment unneurotic to unravel the mysteries that person been embedded into Manyang for the past 20 years.

This play is highly well-written and each occurrence ends with a caller cliffhanger to support the suspense going. Much similar immoderate of the different dramas connected this list, “Beyond Evil” catalogs large attraction to item arsenic its characters statesman to crook rules successful bid to lick the case. It fulfills the show’s eventual question: “Who is the existent monster? Is it you? Is it me? Is it us?”

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