7 reasons why Kollywood star kids fail

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Last week, Nepali cinema saw a caller merchandise successful astir a year. Even though a batch of producers and filmmakers were sceptical astir it, Shiva Shrestha, who is the shaper of Euta Esto Prem Kahani, released the movie with a anticipation it would bash well. Shiva had a batch of hopes for the movie. First: his lad Shakti was going to debut on with Karishma Manandhar’s girl Kabita.

As the movie featured ‘star kids’ (children of starts from the movie industry), determination was a anticipation that it would summation traction that would assistance it bash good successful the container office. The movie, however, flopped. The reviews it got were mediocre arsenic it marked different failed debuts of prima kids.

This is not the lone clip movies featuring prima kids person failed. In 2019, Rato Tika Nidar Ma, starring Ashok Sharma’s lad Ankit failed to please some the assemblage and the critics. Actor Biswa Basnet’s girl Nirisha’s debut movie Jani Najani besides faced a akin fate.

In caller times, actors similar Risita Basnet, Gaurav Pahari and Samyam Puri, whose debuts were amended than the names mentioned above, are besides not getting films. Apart from a fewer similar Anmol KC, not galore person had occurrence astatine the container office, which whitethorn beryllium a crushed wherefore producers and directors person refrained from casting them successful movies.

Why is this the case? Here we database retired 7 interrelated reasons wherefore prima kids neglect erstwhile successful Nepali movie industry.

1. Poor prime successful scripts

There is simply a saying successful films; you are lone arsenic bully arsenic the script. When these actors take movies, galore disregard scripts. Some spot the judgement of their parents who person been a portion of this industry. However, these judgments tin often beryllium wrong. Ask Shakti and Kabita, whose determination to play this movie mightiness travel backmost to haunt them successful the future.

2. Below-par acting skills

Another crushed wherefore these starts flop is their mediocre acting skills. Many travel to enactment due to the fact that they deliberation they tin act. While others person been to acting schools and done theatre oregon acted successful series, galore prima kids are caller faces with zero experience. That tin beryllium seen successful the movies. An illustration tin beryllium Ankit and Nirsuha some of whom’s acting was highly criticised.

3. Nepotism

Most go actors based connected the reputations of their parents portion galore go actors due to the fact that of their parents. However, the prima kids, who person not struggled successful the industry, bash not person the zeal and determinations that their parents had erstwhile they started off. Many cannot adjacent act. An illustration of that is Ashok Sharma’s lad Ankit whose acting successful Rato Tika Nidarma was miserable. Another illustration tin beryllium Kiran KC turning his lad Sudan into a director. Many successful the manufacture reason that Sudan has nary directing skills.

4. Lack of consciousness astir beingness and its surroundings

Another crushed wherefore they cannot marque it successful the manufacture is they bash not recognize the struggle. They person to play each sorts of characters, galore which they person ne'er travel crossed ever successful their lives. Many neglect to recognize however the quality was perceived. Nor bash they recognize the surrounding successful which the quality was developed. How tin we expect an histrion to play the relation of a bare beggar erstwhile s/he has not experienced poverty, hunger, neglect oregon discrimination?

5. Dependence connected parents

This is simply a large occupation that halts their progress. The prima kids consciousness that everything volition beryllium taken attraction of by their parents. There is simply a consciousness of dependence which has a antagonistic impact. Many beryllium connected the parents than their quality to act, which aft a constituent of clip volition disappear.

6. Comparison with parents

A crushed wherefore they neglect is that galore deliberation these kids are adjacent to their parents. The kids reason that they are not looked astatine arsenic an individual. For example, Kabita Manandhar is not rated arsenic an histrion but arsenic Karishma Manandhar’s daughter. Even though she mightiness beryllium susceptible enough, she is compared to Karishma adjacent aft her precise archetypal film.

The aforesaid is the lawsuit with Haribansha Acharya and Madan Krishna Shrestha’s children who are bully actors but are not fixed capable respect due to the fact that they person not matched the fame amassed by their parents.

7. Lead roles, always

A crushed a batch of these kids conflict is everyone debuts successful a pb relation without anterior experience. Rather than taking a broadside relation and enactment themselves up the ladder, astir each person debuted arsenic leads, which adds other unit connected them. This does not springiness them clip to bespeak connected their actions. Salon Basnet and Gaurav Pahari, who person taken broadside roles, are a fewer actors who person been improving each clip they are seen connected the large screen.

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