Adhishree Dhungana: A rare woman guitarist of Nepal has lots of ambitions

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Adhishree Dhungana, popularly known arsenic Addy, with a genu brace, gets connected signifier with Batrika Eam Rai and band. After touring for astir 3 months, they were backmost successful Kathmandu wherever the circuit had begun. She looked bushed and was astir limping. But, with a wide grin connected a face, she sat and played for astir 2 hours. This wasn’t the lone amusement that she played with the genu brace. She did truthful the full tour.

“I had committed to doing it a agelong clip ago. But, erstwhile you’re connected stage, you hide each the pain. You’re successful a zone,” she says.

Dhungana is 1 of the fewer pistillate guitarists successful the scene. Further, she is much than conscionable a guitarist. She writes, composes, and sings. In a abbreviated abstraction of time, the 23-year-old has amassed a batch of emotion and respect from the indie euphony community. She has been portion of assorted projects that includes a people band, a screen set and adjacent plays for musicals astatine the Kausi Theatre. But now, she wants to bash thing connected her own: make euphony the mode she wants to, usage her influences to nutrient a benignant of euphony that is raw, soulful and unique.

From a madal to the Baja

Her philharmonic travel started astatine a precise young age. By five, she was taking classical euphony lessons and had learnt to play madal. By seven, she started to larn guitar.

“I learnt classical euphony till the property of 10,” she says. “Looking back, I’m gladsome I learnt that arsenic it has fixed maine a beardown basal close now.”

For her, euphony from her puerility was a means to explicit herself. With that spirit, she continued to larn guitar successful school. She says her seniors played a immense relation successful her continuing however to play the guitar. 

By the clip she finished school, she had developed a skillset and could play riffs arsenic creaseless arsenic immoderate 16-year-old around. But, it was not until 2016 that she realised that this could beryllium thing that she could bash successful the agelong run. 

In 2016, she took portion successful Women successful Concert, an yearly philharmonic event, for and by aspiring pistillate musicians successful Nepal. That paved the mode for her to go a guitar teacher astatine the Early Development Childhood Centre.

“The 2 projects made maine realise however overmuch I emotion euphony and however overmuch I wanted to bash it.” 

She was a portion of an all-girl radical and adjacent started a set called Baja. Even though Baja inactive play, Dhungana says that they person go much fusion and modern alternatively than folk.

Dhungana has been playing with Bartika Eam Rai since 2018.

Acceleration and ambitions

By 2018, she was making inroads successful the indie euphony country successful the Kathmandu valley. She played astatine the So Far Sounds and Sea Shells connected the Shore wherever she performed her solo sets. She wrote and composed immoderate of them successful little than a week.

“These shows were fun. I learnt a lot… Made large friends who are inactive pushing maine to bash euphony and support doing it.”

That was the twelvemonth she started touring with Bartika Eam Rai too.

“It’s large touring with her. We spell to truthful galore places. Her fanbase is rather amazing. I consciousness it has doubled successful the abstraction of 2 years due to the fact that the fig of radical who came to shows was conscionable staggering.”

In aboriginal 2020, she was touring with them. The archetypal limb of the circuit had lone finished erstwhile the lockdown was imposed owed to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Apart from a tour, a batch of her plans were enactment connected hold. She wanted to execute a fewer solo shows and amended arsenic a performer, she says. But, the escaped clip did springiness her clip to stop, deliberation and astir importantly practise. 

She started to larn jazz and wanted to bash it successful Nepal successful the adjacent future. She says jazz brings retired thing antithetic successful her. It resonates with her soul.

“I truly similar jazz. Since the archetypal clip I was introduced to it to now, I’ve been exploring much and much and possibly volition beryllium doing this successful the agelong run,” she says.

In 2021, she has akin plans. She wants to play shows and go much comfy doing it. She besides wants to commencement her ain band.

“I person sets which I tin play unsocial portion determination are besides immoderate songs which volition request a set truthful that’s what I privation to do.”

She besides wants to merchandise a azygous this year. Not wanting to enactment unit connected herself, she says, portion an EP (electronic production) is connected the works, she does not privation to merchandise it anytime soon.

Dhungana besides wants to spell overseas to survey euphony arsenic she feels determination is inactive a batch she tin larn and do.

“When radical accidental that I’m a bully musician, I consciousness humbled,” she says. “I consciousness that I americium inactive learning. I mean: are you ever a bully musician? Is anyone? The is to get there, but this is simply a never-ending process. You support increasing and getting better.”

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