Afghanistan begins Covid vaccine campaign amid surge in violence

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Afghanistan connected Tuesday launched a Covid-19 vaccination run aimed astatine inoculating hundreds of thousands, arsenic the war-weary federation reels from near-daily attacks by insurgents. 

Doctors, information personnel, and journalists were among the archetypal volunteers to person doses of AstraZeneca's Covid-19 vaccine, donated earlier this period by India. 
"Today, I congratulate the radical of Afghanistan for the motorboat of the archetypal signifier of Covid-19 vaccine [drive] with 500,000 doses of vaccines. This is simply a large accidental for the radical of Afghanistan," said Afghan President Ashraf Ghani arsenic the archetypal jabs were administered. 

"We don't expect immoderate miracles, but let's assistance this run to beryllium implemented justly," the ountry's acting wellness curate Waheed Majroh added. 
Afghanistan is believed to person been deed hard by the Covid-19 pandemic successful the past year, but constricted investigating and a ramshackle healthcare assemblage person hampered its quality to way the virus. 

Officially the state has recorded conscionable 55,600 confirmed cases and astir 2,430 deaths. But a survey published by the country's wellness ministry past August estimated that up to 10 cardinal radical -- astir a 3rd of the colonisation -- mightiness person been infected with the coronavirus.

Kabul, on with municipality areas crossed the country, person been rocked successful the caller weeks by predominant explosions connected an astir regular ground amid fraught bid talks betwixt the authorities and the Taliban.

Decades of struggle person slowed past vaccine drives successful Afghanistan, including an anti-polio campaign, with swathes of the state nether the power of insurgents making entree hard for inoculation teams. 

The war-torn state kicked disconnected its vaccine thrust arsenic controversies dogged inoculation plans crossed the globe, with accusations of dose hoarding, proviso shortages and logistical headaches slowing the transportation of jabs.

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