AKMU’s Lee Suhyun Talks About Overcoming A Slump With IU’s Help

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On the April 19 occurrence of JTBC’s “Nice Alone,” AKMU’s Lee Suhyun talked astir however she had flooded a slump successful her life.

Lee Suhyun shared that she had suffered from insomnia and said, “I don’t find thing amusive these days. Rather than ‘I privation to play,’ I often think, ‘I privation to rest.’ But I couldn’t conscionable remainder each the time. When I deliberation astir the times that I slept the best, it’s erstwhile I had thing to look guardant to the adjacent day. But present I don’t person thing similar that. I conscionable look for the times erstwhile I tin instrumentality a break. When my member [Lee Chanhyuk] shows maine caller music, I don’t truly react. I’ll accidental thing like, ‘It’s good. But I deliberation it would suit different creator better.'”

She went on, “For astir a year, determination was thing that I truly wanted to do. I sought retired a batch of elder artists for help, and IU told maine that she had gone done a slump astatine my age. That’s what gave maine anticipation to flooded this. Even conscionable a twelvemonth ago, I thought astir the connection ‘retirement.'”

Lee Suhyun shared however she had gotten assistance from different elder artist. “When I told Yoo Hee Yeol that I didn’t find euphony amusive anymore, helium had the saddest look arsenic helium asked, ‘Really?’ He told me, ‘As your senior, I find large happiness successful seeing juniors similar you. If you were to halt doing music, I deliberation I’d beryllium precise sad.’ I felt similar I was worthy thing if a instrumentalist Yoo Hee Yeol felt truthful overmuch regret astatine the thought that I mightiness retire.”

At the studio, Lee Suhyun said positively, “I’ve gotten retired of the worst of the slump now. As I started surviving connected my own, I started making my ain life, and started to differentiate enactment and the remainder of my life.”

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