Amnesty International paints bleak picture of Nepal human rights situation

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Kathmandu, April 7

International quality rights organisation, Amnesty International, has reported that Nepal’s quality rights concern remained mediocre done the twelvemonth 2020.

In its yearly State of the World Human Rights Report released connected Wednesday, the rights watchdog says the Nepal authorities was not liable for protecting individuals’ rights during the lockdown and different times whereas impunity was rife.

Likewise, the authorities failed to unafraid justness successful narration to the quality rights violations committed during the 1996-2006 war, according to the report.

The Nepal conception of the report has been summarised as:

“Legislation limiting the rights to state of look and privateness remained pending. Security forces detained individuals for spreading misinformation and criticising the authorities during the Covid-19 pandemic. Protesters were detained and information forces continued to usage excessive unit to disperse protesters and enforce lockdowns. Efforts towards securing justice, information and reparation for crimes nether planetary instrumentality and quality rights violations committed during the 1996-2006 struggle remained grossly inadequate. Indigenous families were forcibly evicted and their homes destroyed. Sexual and gender-based unit continued with impunity. Gender-based favoritism continued successful some instrumentality and practice. Dozens of abuses against Dalits were reported and abuses were often carried retired with impunity. The authorities did not instrumentality capable measures to support Nepali migrant workers stranded and different affected by the pandemic abroad.”

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