Apink’s Agency Denies Chorong Admitted To School Violence Accusations After Alleged Victim Reveals Transcript Of Phone Call

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Apink’s bureau Play M Entertainment has responded to more grounds submitted by alleged victim “A.”

On April 1, Apink’s bureau Play M Entertainment announced that they had taken ineligible enactment against a puerility person of Chorong who had allegedly been threatening her with mendacious claims. In the days that followed, the puerility person successful question went nationalist with her allegations, accusing Chorong of having slapped her look and kicked her successful the shin erstwhile they were students.

On April 6, Chorong posted a connection connected Instagram successful which she apologized for her underage drinking but reaffirmed her innocence regarding the accusations of schoolhouse violence.

On April 7, “A” shared she had expected Chorong would admit to the schoolhouse unit accusations but was flustered that Chorong’s broadside responded with ineligible enactment instead. “A” said she would besides instrumentality ineligible enactment and revealed a transcript of her telephone telephone that showed Chorong had acknowledged she had been progressive successful schoolhouse violence.

Here is the telephone transcript arsenic follows:

Chorong: I didn’t bash those things to you for nary reason.

“A”: Whether determination was a crushed oregon not, what you did was wrong. Did I bash thing incorrect to you? After you deed maine that day, I reported you to the police. But astatine the time, my person told maine to just let it descent due to the fact that it seemed similar you were drunk.

Chorong: This was thing I should person talked to you backmost then. Like you said successful your DM, determination was a misunderstanding. Anyway, I should’ve talked to you connected the spot and solved it, but I was a spot aggravated astatine the time.

“A”: So wherefore did you bash that? Tell me. What was the reason? Why were you huffy astatine me?

Chorong: Just as you said successful your DM, determination was idiosyncratic I liked backmost then.

“A”: Yeah, I know, but helium went retired with me. I don’t cognize if it was due to the fact that of that, but your person said, ‘Chorong wants to bushed you up.’ What I retrieve is that you slapped maine crossed the feature and your friends kicked my shin, truthful I had bruises connected it. It was erstwhile when we wore skirts to school, truthful the classmate who sat adjacent to maine inactive remembers it. And, what is it again? There were a batch of kids backmost then.

“A”: Honestly, if you were successful my shoes, don’t you deliberation you’d retrieve that trauma for a agelong time? Would you conscionable hide astir it?

Chorong: No, I don’t deliberation I would.

“A”: To beryllium honest, I’m shaking a batch portion talking astir this close now. But would you truly beryllium good if idiosyncratic did that to your aboriginal daughter?

Chorong: No.

“A”: Honestly, I didn’t person a batch of spot backmost then. I had a tiny frame, and I looked weak too. I was a spot traumatized from this, truthful adjacent during assemblage erstwhile a clump of girls looked astatine me, it’d marque maine wonderment if they person thing against maine oregon if they’re talking astir me. I kept my caput down for a while.

“A”: But you… don’t know how overmuch I suffered, bash you? I conscionable thought I didn’t person to ticker Apink erstwhile they travel retired connected TV, and I’d conscionable crook it disconnected erstwhile your radical came on. But arsenic I got older, I couldn’t bash that anymore. I wondered wherefore I should unrecorded similar this erstwhile I’m the victim.

Chorong: I’m really sorry. So… I shouldn’t person done that successful that situation. Whether determination was a misunderstanding oregon not, I should’ve talked it retired with you. But I deliberation I was pretty upset astatine the time.

“A”: It is what it is, but if you were going to debut arsenic a personage and support appearing connected TV, you should’ve apologized to me. Don’t you deliberation so? I’m inactive surviving with the pain, you know?

Chorong: Honestly, I came up aft auditioning successful a hurry. It was precise hectic. Everything happened successful a abbreviated magnitude of time, truthful it’s existent that I couldn’t instrumentality attraction of everything.

In effect to the transcript, Play M Entertainment issued the pursuing statement:

We are present to pass you of our presumption regarding the caller telephone telephone transcript.

“A” only revealed portion of the telephone telephone and maliciously distorted it.

During the archetypal call, “A” threatened Chorong and showed unexpected behaviour similar talking astir privateness matters that were neither existent nor related to the issue. First off, Chorong apologized without asking for details. She apologized careless of the crushed due to the fact that they had a adjacent narration successful the past and it was existent determination was immoderate benignant of struggle betwixt them. However, she did not admit she was progressive successful schoolhouse violence. “A” wanted to conscionable up, so they adjacent tried to put a date.

As we antecedently revealed astir however “A” continued to endanger Chorong for implicit a month, “A” is telling stories that person thing to bash with the contented by revealing past photos and lone a portion of the recording.

We besides person the recordings of the archetypal and 2nd calls, and we submitted them as evidence to the police. We wanted to uncover the information successful accordance with ineligible procedures, but if “A” continues to marque malicious postings, but we volition merchandise the recordings.

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