Berry Good Officially Announces Disbandment

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Berry Good has announced their disbandment.

On May 12, Berry Good’s bureau posted a connection connected their authoritative Twitter relationship confirming Berry Good’s disbandment and detailing their aboriginal absorption arsenic an agency.

The afloat station reads arsenic follows:

Hello! This is JTG Entertainment.

We are announcing that JTG Entertainment has merged with Starweave Entertainment.

JTG Entertainment had a agelong and sincere speech with Berry Good members Johyun and Sehyung successful bid to find the champion imaginable result for each parties.

As a effect of that conversation, Johyun volition articulation Starweave Entertainment, arsenic determination is clip remaining connected her declaration with JTG Entertainment. In the future, Johyun plans to beforehand nether Starweave Entertainment.

With the expiration of Sehyung’s contract with JTG Entertainment approaching, we person decided to respect her idiosyncratic wishes by not renewing her contract, and we person mutually agreed to fto the declaration travel to an end. We want to convey our deepest gratitude to Sehyung for doing her champion to enactment successful Berry Good’s promotions, adjacent during COVID-19 and different hard situations.

Additionally, aft facing hardship aft hardship, we person decided to extremity miss radical Berry Good’s promotions. We privation to sincerely convey the ‘Berry Berry’ fans who person loved and cherished Berry Good each this time.

We inquire for tons of encouragement and enactment for the aboriginal of the Berry Good members, who person near Berry Good and are present walking their idiosyncratic paths.

— 베리굿 (Berry Good) (@BerryGood2014) May 12, 2021

Berry Good debuted arsenic a five-member miss radical successful 2014 with the azygous medium “Love Letter.” The radical past went done immoderate lineup changes earlier ending up with 4 members: Johyun, Seoyul, Sehyung, and Gowoon. In February 2021, Gowoon and Seoyul left the squad aft their contracts expired. The pursuing month, some Johyun and JTG Entertainment denied the group’s disbandment.

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