BLACKPINK’s Rosé Sends Gift To Set Of Girl’s Day’s Hyeri’s Upcoming Historical Drama

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Girl’s Day’s Hyeri showed disconnected a saccharine acquisition from BLACKPINK’s Rosé!

On June 10, she shared photos of herself with the java motortruck sent by Rosé. Rosé had sent the acquisition to Hyeri’s new humanities play “Thinking of the Moon When the Flower Blooms” (literal title). The apical banner of the java motortruck reads, “Enjoy the churros, and I privation the play volition beryllium a immense hit!” The banner connected the broadside reads, “Everyone, churros and java are connected Hyeri unnie today!! Good luck, ‘Thinking of the Moon When the Flower Blooms’!”

Hyeri wrote arsenic the caption on Instagram, “Park Chae Young (Rosé’s existent name) is awesome! My dongsaeng who ever cheers for maine similar this. I emotion you. I’m so grateful that I’m crying.”

The 2 miss radical members became adjacent friends after Rosé made an quality connected “Amazing Saturday,” wherever Hyeri utilized to beryllium a fixed formed member.

“Thinking of the Moon When the Flower Blooms” volition instrumentality spot during the play of the strongest prohibition laws successful Joseon history, depicting quality tendency and proving that prohibition is not the champion option. The main characters are an inspector from the Office of the Inspector-General who has near his hometown to execute fame in the superior Hanyang and reconstruct his family’s status, a mediocre aristocratic pistillate who begins to marque intoxicant successful bid to wage backmost her debt, and a crown prince who often secretly climbs implicit the walls of the palace to get a fewer drinks. The 3 radical person a fateful brushwood successful beforehand of a concealed intoxicant storage, gaining a concealed that could lead to decease if revealed.

Hyeri volition beryllium taking connected the relation of Kang Ro Seo, who begins to make intoxicant successful bid to wage backmost her debt. Contrary to her aristocratic appearance, she’s a fig who’s not acrophobic of working hard to marque money. Though radical speech down her backmost astir however she’s losing look arsenic an aristocrat, she’s the real caput of her household who’s helping to enactment her older brother, the family’s lone hope.

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