Brand New Music Announces Launch Of New Boy Group Including Lee Eun Sang

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Brand New Music has announced the motorboat of a caller lad radical adjacent year!

A root from the bureau revealed, “We are preparing to motorboat our adjacent lad group that targets the planetary market and are aiming for their debut successful the archetypal fractional of adjacent year. We person officially started setting debut plans.”

Brand New Music’s caller lad radical volition dwell of multi-talented and unsocial members including Lee Eun Sang, who debuted as a subordinate of X1 aft “Produce X 101” and is presently progressive arsenic a solo artist. It volition beryllium Brand New Music’s archetypal radical with a ample fig of members. The bureau precocious finalized the debut lineup and formed an exclusive squad to systematically negociate the group.

Brand New Music revealed, “We recently unveiled the group done a backstage showcase for manufacture personnel, and the radical was talked astir arsenic being one that volition instrumentality the euphony manufacture by tempest with its outstanding subordinate lineup and unsocial charms. The group’s concept, fig of members, name, narrative, and different details volition be revealed one by 1 starting successful the 2nd fractional of this year.”

Brand New Music is simply a euphony statement and bureau led by CEO Rhymer and is location to artists AB6IX, BDC, Bumkey, Hanhae, Han Dong Geun, Yang Da Il, and more.

Stay tuned for updates connected the caller group!

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