Brushing pandemic aside, Nepal PM embraces inauguration spree to create fake impressions

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As the federation fights hard to prevention the citizens from the Covid-19 pandemic, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has been engaged travelling each implicit Nepal for the past respective months. He has not been travelling to show Nepal’s Covid-19 response. Instead, helium has been visiting assorted districts to inaugurate buildings, be enactment meetings and laic instauration stones.

Since March 20201, Oli has laid the instauration stones for the projects that outgo much than Rs 400 billion.

During his visit, helium often talks astir however a question of improvement is coming successful Nepal. But, astir each the projects that helium officially launched person not really started owed to the deficiency of due readying portion those that person are being constructed astatine a snail’s pace.

Pandemic connected the periphery

Even though overmuch of the fund for the fiscal twelvemonth 2020/21 was acceptable for warring the pandemic, the government’s involvement was successful starting projects for which funds had not been acceptable speech and inaugurating the projects that were yet to beryllium completed. This is raised a question if the authorities ever had involvement successful making definite that it was acceptable to combat the pandemic.

In the past 3 months, authorities officials person inaugurated roads, bridges, industrial estates and irrigation canals. Most of them person plaques with Oli’s sanction connected them. While helium personally went to laic the instauration chromatic successful galore projects, immoderate of them were done by pressing a power astatine the PM’s residence successful Balwatar itself.

According to the government, astir of these projects are going to beryllium completed with the assistance of overseas nonstop concern (FDI) portion it is yet to allocate a fund to the rest. Many projects are successful limbo arsenic the authorities is preparing for loans from different countries to implicit it.

The magnitude of these projects is betwixt 2 to 5 years, according to the government, and volition outgo astir Rs 400 billion. However, a fund of lone Rs 2 cardinal was acceptable speech for these projects successful the ongoing fiscal twelvemonth with an further 11.75 cardinal coming from the FDI.

Getting nowhere

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli lays the instauration chromatic to the caller ‘Historic Dharahara Rebuilding Project’ astatine Sundhara, connected Thursday, December 27, 2018.

But, astir of the task which needs funds person not done their homework, accidental experts. Most person yet to bash a elaborate task study (DPR) portion others person yet to acquisition onshore for the project. These projects person not done an biology appraisal portion astir are waiting for support for tract clearance. Road operation projects are successful specified an unplanned authorities that the way from wherever the roadworthy passes has not been finalised successful immoderate cases.

Experts from the infrastructure tract accidental that the authorities laying instauration stones to commencement these projects contempt knowing that it lacks readying is concerning. They accidental that this inclination has not stopped contempt being warned by experts.

According to Nepal’s law, the contractor who is assigned the task needs to scope the tract wrong 15 days of having taken the mobilisation fund. But astir of the time, the country wherever enactment needs to beryllium done is obstructed by 1 happening oregon another. Sometimes it is the locals portion different times it is the authorities itself. When that happens, the authorities cannot instrumentality immoderate enactment against the contractor arsenic the relation of tract clearance is the governments. Instead, these contractors tin assertion compensation from the authorities for wasting their time.

Despite knowing this, the authorities and Oli proceed to laic the instauration stones to commencement these projects. Little to thing has been done since helium laid the instauration chromatic successful astir of the projects. That is not it; helium has besides inaugurated projects which are yet to beryllium complete. This, according to officials from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, is incorrect arsenic it mightiness impact the prime of work.

A task is nether the work of the contractor until it is handed implicit to the authorities oregon acrophobic body. By inaugurating it earlier it is over, the authorities itself invites the hazard of substandard work. It besides raises interest astir the authorities accepting the task afterwards.

“There is simply a unreserved to inaugurate a task adjacent though it’s not ready. Due to that, contractors enactment successful a hurry arsenic they person a deadline which, they claim, affects the modular of work,” says the authoritative asking to stay anonymous.

Corruption and struggle of interest

Procurement and declaration absorption adept Rajendra Prasad Adhikari says that erstwhile the authorities inaugurates projects, it implies that the task has been handed implicit to the authorities adjacent though it is not the case.

“It’s a substance of bully governance. This quality of inaugurating incomplete projects earlier it is completed volition origin occupation passim the state arsenic it volition surely impact the prime of enactment done connected the project,” says Adhikari.

Adhikari further adds questions should besides beryllium raised astir who gives the wealth to big these programmes arsenic nary money is allocated to big specified programmes. He says that corruption tin hap arsenic a effect of this arsenic the contractor tin inquire for immoderate wealth they need. If the contractors behaviour the lawsuit themselves, the question astir the struggle of interest besides arises.

“These issues should beryllium looked astatine cautiously by the Office of the Auditor General,” says Adhikari. “These events obstruct enactment for a fewer days due to the fact that it is not casual preparing for these inaugurations. A batch of things request to beryllium done. As I spot it, it conscionable gives the contractors an excuse to hold work.”

He says that Oli oregon immoderate different curate should refrain from doing truthful arsenic it mocks the full conception of task completion on with the wellness and information of everyone contiguous there.

Adhikari besides adds that owed to the authorities and its agencies not readying projects properly, things are getting retired of manus successful managing the projects. An illustration is the Khokona lawsuit successful which locals continuously protestation astir the roadworthy that is owed to displace a portion of the aged Newa colony southbound of Kathmandu.

“The National Development Committee which is chaired by the PM Oli talks a batch astir these issues. But, they proceed to marque the aforesaid mistake twelvemonth in, twelvemonth out; it feels similar a joke,” says Adhikari.

Legislators’ enforcement role

Oli remotely laid instauration stones for 165 caller roadworthy projects, 1 each successful a House of Representatives constituency connected April 3.

On­ April 3, Oli astatine the PM’s residence successful Balwatar pressed a power to inaugurate a programme nether which each 165 national constituencies would person due roads successful the adjacent 3 years. After members of the House of Representatives asked for an improved improvement budget, the Finance Ministry for the existent fiscal twelvemonth added a fund of Rs 3.2 cardinal specifically to conception roads successful these constituencies. But, adjacent though the programme was launched, determination has been nary readying astir however the roads volition beryllium constructed successful these areas.

Out of the 165, a full of 110 of these constituencies are yet to taxable a elaborate task study (DPR) for the roads. Many person not adjacent done the biology interaction assessment, which is important arsenic astir of them autumn successful the hilly areas which are susceptible to landslides successful the monsoon.

The spokesperson astatine the Department of Roads, Shiva Prasad Nepal, says that enactment volition beryllium done lone successful the 55 constituencies whose DPR is complete.

“We’ll commencement the remainder aft they taxable their DPR and EIA report,” says Nepal. “Some projects mightiness commencement this yea,r but it’s rather evident that 90 per cent volition lone commencement adjacent fiscal year.”

The authorities plans to pave astir 2,200 kilometre roads successful the adjacent 3 years for which it has to acceptable speech a whooping Rs 57 billion.

“That’s going to beryllium a large problem,” says Nepal.

Sunkoshi Diversion

On March 4, Oli launched the Sunkoshi Diversion project. But the enactment for the project, according to the Department of Irrigation, volition statesman lone adjacent year. The Rs 10.05-billion task volition apt beryllium fixed to the Chinese Overseas Engineering Group. After its plan is passed by the Department of Irrigation, the institution volition person to acquisition a passageway boring machine. But, the department’s Director-General Madhukar Rajbhandari says that it is improbable that a passageway volition beryllium dug this year.

The full outgo of the task is apt to beryllium astir Rs 46 billion. But, sources accidental that lone Rs 16 cardinal has been allocated to the task truthful far.

Strategic roads sans strategy of construction

On March 14, Oli besides laid the instauration chromatic for a provincial level programme that aims to conception and negociate roads crossed provinces. The purpose of the programme is to conception roads successful 228 section units passim the country. But, similar different projects, mentation for this 1 excessively is small to none.

Most section governments are yet to determine the way portion astir person not prepared the DPR and EIA report. The full outgo of the task is estimated to beryllium Rs 200 billion, but lone Rs 5 cardinal has been acceptable speech for the task successful the existent fiscal year. The authorities has aimed to find a improvement spouse who could supply an assistance of Rs 4 billion. But arsenic of May, determination is nary hope.

To implicit the project, the authorities has to pave astir 4,000 kilometres of roadworthy and conception an further 400 bridges. For this, each 3 federal, provincial and section governments volition acceptable speech a fund for the project. The spokesperson of Department of Local Infrastructure, Hom Nath Poudel, says that talks are being held with the Finance Ministry to get the gunds.

“We’ve started our basal mentation to hole the DPR. Areas whose DPR is already acceptable volition beryllium reassessed arsenic it’s improbable that immoderate enactment volition statesman earlier the adjacent fiscal year,” says Poudel.

Industrial estates without preparation

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli addresses a relation organised to laic the instauration chromatic for the Nepal-China Friendship Industrial Park successful Damak, Jhapa, connected February 28, 2021.

Oli successful February laid the instauration stones to commencement 4 antithetic concern estates successful Kanchanpur, Banke, Makawanpur and Jhapa. Similarly, successful March, Finance Minister Bishnu Poudel and Minister for Industry and Commerce Lekh Raj Bhatta, contempt section protest, laid the instauration chromatic to commencement concern property successful Rupandehi.

It is estimated that a full of Rs 100 cardinal volition beryllium needed to conception these estates. When the instauration stones were laid for these 5 projects, lone 1 had secured the funds for construction. But, nary of these projects has a contractor yet.

The Industrial District Management Limited says that 3 of the 5 volition beryllium constructed with funds provided by the Nepal government. Out of the remaining two, 1 volition beryllium assigned to a Chinese institution portion 1 volition beryllium assigned to a improvement partner.

The concern parkland successful Damak volition beryllium constructed with the assistance of Chinese concern worthy Rs 64 billion. But to date, the authorities has received lone Rs 2 billion. The remainder of the concern estates volition request astatine slightest Rs 26 billion.


The Industrial District Management Limited says Rs 7.2 cardinal is required to conception the property successful Makawanpur, Rs 8.77 for the property successful Banke and Rs 9 cardinal for Kanchanpur. However, an EIA study and a DPR person not been done successful immoderate of these areas.

The Rs 12-billion task successful Rupandehi, however, is facing problems owed to locals not agreeing to merchantability their land. This task is besides expecting the FDI, but however that volition hap remains to beryllium seen.

The Industrial District Management Limited’s president Nanda Kishor Basnet calls the laying of instauration stones a caller trend.

“It creates a bully environment. Don’t deliberation it’s wrong,” says Basnet.

Basnet says that the National Planning Commission has approved these projects. But, adjacent though Rs 1 cardinal was acceptable speech this twelvemonth for it, it is wide that this wealth volition not beryllium spent connected improvement oregon operation work.

“We’ve asked for Rs 1.1 cardinal to commencement enactment connected the estates successful Daiji, Motipur and Nauwasta. We’ll walk Rs 200 cardinal connected each of these projects successful the coming fiscal year,” helium says. “The wealth volition beryllium utilized to flatten the ground, pave roads and acceptable up an energy system.”

No plan for caller bridges

 There are different projects Oli has been launching since the crook of the year. On February 28, helium launched the task of constructing bridges on the Madan Bhandari Highway. There are 31 bridges to beryllium built on the highway. But, the Department of Roads is yet to person a plan for these bridges. Prior readying is besides missing connected the project, accidental experts.

The main of the Madan Bhandari Highway Project Directorate, Umesh Bindu Shrestha, says that the task has already been assigned to the contractors connected the ‘design and build’ model. Shrestha says that the contractors person started to plan the bridges now.

To conception these bridges, the task directorate has selected 13 operation companies that volition enactment with a fund of Rs 6 billion.

“Some designs person been accepted and enactment has started. The remainder are moving connected the design,” says Shrestha.

Even though the span operation task was launched, enactment connected paving the roadworthy with tarmac is yet to beryllium done arsenic the directorate has not recovered a contractor yet. This means that successful definite sections, a span volition beryllium acceptable earlier the roadworthy is.

“We’ve called a tender for the 65 kilometres. The remainder volition beryllium called successful the coming fiscal year,” says Shrestha.

Melamchi inaugurated by disregarding protocol

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli visits the Melamchi Water Supply Project’s h2o attraction works successful Sundarijal arsenic the h2o arrives there, connected Saturday, March 6, 2021. Photo: Chandra Bahadur Ale and Aryan Dhimal

After implicit 2 decades, Melamchi’s h2o yet arrived successful Kathmandu. But, works connected the task are inactive ongoing.

Minister for Drinking Water and Sanitation Mani Thapa connected February 22 pressed a power astatine Ambathan, Sindupalchok to capable the passageway with water. Twelve days later, connected March 6, Oli pressed a power to merchandise the h2o into the Bagmati river.

On March 28, the officials of Kathmandu Upatyaka Kahanepani Limited (KUKL) started distributing the h2o to the denizens of the vale portion connected April 2, President Bidya Devi Bhandari opened a tap astatine Bhrikutimandap to officially state that Melamchi’s h2o had arrived successful Kathmandu.

Looking astatine the mode the task was celebrated, it looked similar everything had been completed. But, officials accidental that operation works astatine a dam and a descender are inactive ongoing. The project’s main Tiresh Kumar Khatri says that it volition instrumentality different twelvemonth for the task to beryllium 100 per cent complete.

That proves the inauguration was done successful haste. What is worrying is the radical adjacent disregarded the information protocols that were successful place. According to the protocol, the h2o successful the passageway should person been tested by releasing the h2o done the flushing passageway located successful Gyalthum, Ambathan, Sindhu and Sundarijal successful bid to cheque if it was harmless and ready. But, this was not done arsenic the h2o was straight released to Kathmandu.


The president of Nepal Tunneling Association, Gyanendra Lal Shrestha, says that to investigating mightiness beryllium a occupation aboriginal on.

“I cognize the passageway is lone two-kilometre long. But, we had to spot however it reacts erstwhile filled with water. That way, we would cognize wherever the tunnel’s delicate areas were. As they haven’t tested it, we’ll person to hold and ticker if the passageway is beardown capable and anticipation nary accidents hap owed to it.”

 He says that the investigating was indispensable to spot however the brushed stones successful parts of the passageway reacted erstwhile filled with water. Many from the tract accidental that the protocol was disregarded arsenic Oli wanted to instrumentality recognition that Melamchi arrived successful Kathmandu during his time.

The incomplete presumption tower

The inauguration lawsuit saw information of implicit a 100 radical successful the midst of a pandemic. Photo: Aryan Dhimal

As Nepal was being deed by the 2nd question of Covid-19, Oli was engaged inaugurating the Dharahara which is inactive incomplete. The lift, which was utilized by the operation workers, was removed for that time unsocial arsenic it is being enactment backmost again. To marque definite it looked bully connected the photo, the surrounding country of Dharahara was covered with cloths portion astatine the entrance, a reddish carpet waited for the premier of the country.

Even radical associated with constructing the operation accidental that they bash not cognize erstwhile it volition beryllium unfastened to the regular public. According to Raju Man Manandhar, technologist astatine Nepal Reconstruction Authority, astir 40 per cent of enactment is remaining.

Raman Construction is presently moving connected basement parking, a plot and a museum.  Covering the remains of the aged Dharahara inactive needs to beryllium done.


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