Chae Jong Hyeop Puts A Bright Smile On Han So Hee’s Face In “Nevertheless”

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JTBC’s upcoming play “Nevertheless” has shared caller stills of Han So Hee and Chae Jong Hyeop!

Based connected a webtoon, “Nevertheless” tells the hyper-realistic emotion communicative betwixt Yoo Na Bi (Han So Hee), a pistillate who doesn’t judge successful emotion but inactive wants to date, and Park Jae Uhn (Song Kang), a antheral who thinks dating is simply a fuss but inactive wants to person flings.

The recently released stills picture a saccharine infinitesimal betwixt Yoo Na Bi and Yang Do Hyuk (Chae Jong Hyeop). The 2 are lasting nether an umbrella successful the pouring rain, but contempt the grim weather, they look to beryllium successful precocious spirits. Yoo Na Bi’s look is lit up with a agleam smile, and Yang Do Hyuk is grinning astatine her. Yang Do Hyuk is simply a axenic quality who volition attack Yoo Na Bi with his wholesome charms. It volition beryllium absorbing to spot what benignant of narration they person and however helium volition interaction her bosom with his saccharine friendliness.

The drama’s production team shared, “Yang Do Hyuk is simply a romanticist who has been successful emotion with Yoo Na Bi since they were younger. He has wholly antithetic charms from Park Jae Uhn and volition beryllium an absorbing variable.” They added that viewers should look guardant to however the affable and straightforward quality volition impact the narration betwixt Yoo Na Bi and Park Jae Uhn.

“Nevertheless” premieres connected June 19 astatine 11 p.m. KST and will broadcast one occurrence a week for a full of 10 episodes. Watch a teaser here!

Check out Chae Jong Hyeop successful “Stove League” here:

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