China donating 20,000 oxygen cylinders to help Nepal fight against Covid-19

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Kathmandu, May 6

As a captious shortage of aesculapian oxygen owed to the lack of capable cylinders is feared successful Nepal owed to the surging fig of Covid-19 cases crossed the country, China is donating 20,000 oxygen cylinders.

Of that, the archetypal batch volition get wrong the adjacent 1 week, according to a program made nationalist by the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers.

However, it is not yet definite however galore cylinders are determination successful the archetypal lot.

The Office of the Prime Minister has assigned the ministries of concern and overseas affairs to marque preparations to import the cylinders whereas the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has been asked to coordinate.

Meanwhile, efforts are underway to import aesculapian oxygen from India also, it has been learned, though India itself is struggling hard to negociate the needful life-saving state for its citizens.

Meanwhile, the Office of the Prime Minister has besides finalised a plan, according to which it volition confiscate oxygen cylinders being utilized successful the concern assemblage and administer them among the hospitals.

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