China proposes joint mechanism to supply medical equipment in South Asia

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Kathmandu, April 28

China has projected establishing a associated mechanics with the engagement of assorted countries successful South Asia including Nepal and China itself to easiness the proviso of aesculapian instrumentality for the Covid-19 response.

As the numbers of progressive Covid-19 cases surged successful the full region, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi virtually met his counterparts successful Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Afghanistan to sermon their Covid-19 responses and imaginable planetary practice successful the battle.

During the video league attended by Nepal’s Foreign Affairs Minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali connected Tuesday afternoon, Wang said a associated mechanics should beryllium established to guarantee the timely proviso of Covid-19 vaccines and different indispensable supplies successful the participating countries.

Responding to the proposal, Bangladesh has suggested the retention installation could beryllium built successful Bangladesh.

The gathering yesterday has been considered important arsenic India, the astir resourceful South Asian country, has been struggling hard to guarantee the availability of aesculapian essentials for its ain citizens.

Meanwhile, China has announced to supply Nepal with aesculapian instrumentality worthy Rs 90 million.

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