Confluence culture has started in Nepal’s music industry and everyone has high hopes

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Bibek Lama, Rochak Dahal and Subas Poudel did not cognize each different until a fewer months ago. All distinguished musicians, they met astatine an online league wherever they were paired to collaborate and marque music.

As euphony enthusiasts, they knew that the league would beryllium fruitful arsenic it included each like-minded people. But, by the extremity of the two-week-long programme successful November 2020, they did much than conscionable that. They learnt astir the value of moving together, respecting each other’s publication during a collaborative task and supporting 1 another.

With these 3 principles successful mind, the trio sat down and worked connected a mellow way called Paschyatap which confronts the uncomfortable information of communal and caste-based injustice and intolerance successful Nepal.

“The league was amazing,” says Dahal, the vocalist of Nepali Indie set Pahelo Batti Muni. “Everyone had thing to springiness and thing to learn. It was 1 of the champion sessions I personally person been a portion of.”

The conference, titled Confluence, is simply a programme managed and moderated by Jason Kunwar, a elder euphony shaper based successful Nepal. Through the event, which has happened successful Nepal astir apt for the archetypal time, helium aims to stock the cognition that helium garnered passim his years successful euphony and walk it down to the caller generation.

Participants from the archetypal league held successful August 2020.


To date, helium has organised 2 specified conferences, 1 successful August 2020 and the different successful November 2020, done which helium wants to make a abstraction for younger artists to beryllium alert of the difficulties successful making music.

“The thought was to commencement a dialog wrong the assemblage astir acquisition sharing and collaborating,” says Kunwar. “I wanted to archer younger generations the occupation they mightiness look erstwhile they prosecute euphony arsenic a semipermanent career.”

The thought started astir the extremity of 2019 erstwhile Kunwar was discussing things helium learnt with his adjacent ellipse of friends. When helium shared with them the things that helium had learnt overseas and astatine assorted workshops, everyone was pleasantly amazed and wanted to larn more. This is why, successful aboriginal 2020, helium called for applications for funny musicians and started the archetypal variation of the project.

“When I made the call, a batch of involvement was shown and that is erstwhile we decided to it formally successful 2020,” says Kunwar.

When Bhaskar Swar, a young singer-songwriter was approached by Kunwar to beryllium a portion of this event, Swar did not adjacent hesitate to join. Having known however experienced Kunwar was, Swar knew that this would beryllium a large learning acquisition for him.

“Being a solo artist, I had a feeling that moving with radical would beryllium hard. But, this league changed that,” says Swar. “I got to larn truthful overmuch from radical similar Shiva (Kumar Khatri) dai and Jason dai that present I americium unfastened to immoderate challenge. And, now, I americium alert of however beauteous collaborations tin be.”

Participant from the 2nd league held successful November 2020.

Mutual learning

Apart from having to enactment with others, Swar ever felt that it would instrumentality clip to constitute music. But, being a portion of the confluence, helium realises that it does not and that if radical enactment together, they tin negociate to nutrient thing bully adjacent erstwhile the clip is short.

“That was rather a revelation for me. It was challenging, but moving unneurotic with everyone made it amusive and effortless. Having been portion of this, I present firmly judge successful a radical effort,” says Swar.

That was what Kunwar was readying each along. He wanted to assistance the younger procreation utilizing the excavation of resources and experiences helium and his peers had. That meant immoderate offered to assistance the young ones retired with creation portion immoderate offered to assistance them by giving them entree to their studio.

“It’s not that it was conscionable they who learnt. We did too,” says Kunwar. “We reciprocated our ideas and communicated with 1 another. That is what was truthful bully astir this project.”

The league took spot virtually arsenic it happened during the lockdown. But, that did not mean it was not fruitful.

Darshika Regmi and Adarsha Poudel talking to Suman Gautam, who is based successful the US.

Vishaka Chand, a singer, says she was initially successful 2 minds astir taking portion successful this arsenic it was a virtual event. But, erstwhile she started, she instantly grew into it. With radical looking to perceive and connection proposal and constructive criticism, the session, according to Chand, was what she had ever needed to realise what euphony meant to her.

“I had travel into euphony for a batch of reasons, but each of them seemed truthful naive,” says Chand. “What everyone determination taught maine was that arsenic agelong arsenic I was blessed doing euphony and I had a abstraction to do, each different things were irrelevant.”

One of things that she learnt astatine the conference, she says, is the critical effect process developed by Liz Lerman. The process introduced the participants to a method of giving and getting feedback connected their enactment successful progress. This, for each participants, was a caller happening and each of them said that they were motivated to get backmost to enactment to marque their task better.

What next?

For Kunwar this benignant of effect is validation for what helium is trying to do. Initially, helium was disquieted if these artists would beryllium coming with large expectations, but that soon subsided arsenic everyone contiguous astatine some the editions was rather up for it.

Another facet Kunwar says helium wanted to absorption connected done the league is the creator supporting artists. He says helium wanted to make specified a abstraction wherever collaborations went down smoothly. He wanted to amusement everyone that if they tried moving together, they could and bash truthful rather easily.

“The league was large for networking too,” says Bibek Lama, a tungna subordinate from Dhading. “I was doing my ain happening backmost home, but this league opened my eyes to galore things. Not lone did I get to larn things, but I besides got to conscionable radical from antithetic genres and societal backgrounds. It was inclusive and with that provided america with a level to enactment with 1 different successful the future.”

Dahal besides has a akin feeling astir the networking accidental that this league brought to him. He says that if and erstwhile helium volition request a tungna player, helium volition ever interaction Lama portion if helium wants to record, helium volition decidedly person Subash Poudel successful mind.

“I’ve made lifelong friends here,” says Dahal who hopes that events similar these hap connected a regular ground arsenic it volition assistance Nepal’s euphony manufacture grow.

Photos: Confluence Nepal.

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