Coronavirus-positive comedian Manoj Gajurel admitted to ICU

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Kathmandu, November 6

Noted comedian Manoj Gajurel has been admitted to the intensive attraction portion of the APF Hospital successful Balambu of Kathmandu.

Gajurel had tested affirmative for the coronavirus connected October 26. Although helium was successful location isolation since the confirmation of infection, his oxygen level dropped connected Thursday, forcing the household to instrumentality him to hospital.

Gajurel had posted a presumption connected his Facebook leafage earlier leaving for the infirmary saying his wellness did not amended completely.

Doctors person said determination is immoderate fluid successful his lungs. Poet Laxman Gamnange, a adjacent person of Gajurel, says the comedian’s information is not overmuch critical.

“It is neither a large occupation nor a mean one. It volition beryllium good soon. The attraction is fantabulous here,” Gamnange says.

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