Covid-19 Nepal second wave: These are 4 major mistakes govt is doing

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Owing to the rising fig of Covid-19 cases, the Ministry of Health and Population past week stated that astatine the existent rate, the country’s wellness system would not beryllium capable to header with the pandemic.

The connection that aboriginal drew a batch of disapproval said that authorities hospitals would not beryllium capable to cater to the patients if cases continued to rise. Denizens of the country, aft the connection was released, person been reminding however the Health Ministry cannot shy distant from the work particularly astatine specified a delicate time, adjacent successful the past, it has done small to nothing.

But, determination was a batch that they could person done. There was a batch the federation could person learnt past twelvemonth besides and that could person travel successful utile today. The government, and the premier minister, kept taking the concern lightly which has resulted successful them trying to shy distant from each responsibilities.

The large mistake that the authorities did was not closing down the borderline oregon controlling the borderline question arsenic cases successful India continued to rise. It relaxed each rules for radical coming to Nepal from immoderate country.

While a mandatory two-week quarantine was successful spot for astir of past year, this year, those rules were enactment connected clasp arsenic each 1 needed to participate Nepal was a antagonistic PCR study conducted successful the past 72 hours. People from India adjacent made Nepal a transit to spell to different countries.

The authorities has lone present announced that flights to Nepal would beryllium suspended for a clip being.

Last year, a batch of emphases was fixed to interaction tracing. The section ward offices called radical who had been successful adjacent interaction with Covid-19 patients. But this year, nary of that is taking place. The ward offices person nary thought what to bash arsenic interaction tracing has categorically stopped.

To get this nether control, the authorities needs to guarantee that much tests are conducted. But, it is not happening arsenic radical are lone investigating erstwhile they amusement Covid-19 symptoms. The deficiency of investigating has been a large interest arsenic the microorganism is transmitting into full communities.

That is not it. There are a batch of mistakes done by the government. Turning a unsighted oculus to sirens, the government’s deficiency of proactiveness has led to specified a problem.

Here is simply a database of 4 large mistakes done by the authorities erstwhile the state entered the 2nd question of the pandemic recently:

1. Lockdown without borderline closure

Locking down the districts with galore Covid-19 patients was the close happening to do. But adjacent though the authorities imposed prohibitory orders, it did truthful without stopping the flights. The borderline is unfastened until today, which meant that radical who mightiness person had the microorganism proceed to travel into the state without having to quarantine. The government’s hesitation successful closing the borders with India has caused a large problem.

2. Lack of dialog with stakeholders

During past year’s lockdown, the authorities had held a batch of discussions with the Nepal Medical Association and different experts from the wellness sector. But this year, not capable discussions person been held.

To promote the wellness sector, an allowance was besides announced. This year, determination has been thing of the sort. Instead, the authorities is seen threatening doctors for speaking the truth. This is different crushed the concern is getting retired of hand.

3. No coordination with backstage hospitals

It is wide and understandable that the authorities unsocial cannot cater to each Covid-19 patients. But, the slightest it could person done is speech to backstage hospitals and question assistance from them. But, arsenic of today, determination has been nary speech with the backstage hospitals.

The coordination past twelvemonth helped the authorities a batch arsenic it was capable to marque rational decisions similar however to determination guardant and what to bash erstwhile the concern got retired of hand. This year, thing of this benignant has happened. The authorities is yet to beryllium with the wellness assemblage to clasp specified discussions.

Consequently, each beds astatine government-run hospitals are full. Private aesculapian colleges and hospitals could assistance the authorities for a little play if the authorities asked. Otherwise, the concern volition get worse.

4. Ineffective quality assets mobilisation

There are small implicit 1,300 doctors astatine state-owned hospitals crossed the country. This fig was acceptable erstwhile Nepal’s colonisation was 15 million. Now, the colonisation has doubled portion the fig of doctors remains the same.

We person heard cases of hospitals suffering owed to the deficiency of doctors. The fig of authorities doctors should person been accrued past twelvemonth itself to astatine slightest 4,000 on with a akin magnitude of different wellness professionals similar nurses and infirmary staff.

People mightiness question however the authorities tin name doctors successful specified a abbreviated time. Well, they tin prosecute them temporarily. After the pandemic is nether control, then, it tin telephone for contention and springiness imperishable spots to doctors based connected tests and show evaluations. The authorities cannot usage doctors astatine volition successful these unsafe times and fto them spell haphazardly.

These are unsafe times. The clip to enactment has gone, but each is inactive not lost. We request to summation investigating and adhd the fig of wellness professionals if we privation to power this pandemic.

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