D1CE’s Jo Yong Geun Announces Military Enlistment Date

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D1CE’s leader Jo Yong Geun will beryllium enlisting successful the subject adjacent month.

On April 19, D1CE’s agency, D1CE Entertainment, announced the news, on with a handwritten missive from Jo Yong Geun, connected the group’s authoritative instrumentality café.

In the letter, Jo Yong Geun wrote:

Hello, Don1y [official instrumentality nine name], this is D1CE’s Yong Geun. I americium penning this due to the fact that determination is thing I privation to accidental archetypal to our lovable Don1y. I thought a batch about how to accidental this… I’ve been called by the state to fulfill my subject work duties connected May 6. When I heard the news, the archetypal happening I thought of was Don1y. To each the fans who person ever shown maine their emotion and affection contempt the information that I was lacking. Thank you truthful overmuch for helping maine marque blessed memories that I volition not hide for a agelong time. It was a precise meaningful clip for me. I will fulfill my subject duties and instrumentality healthy. I anticipation that our fans volition ever enactment steadfast and blessed arsenic well. I’ll enactment beardown with the anticipation of our reunion successful my heart. Finally, I emotion you, convey you.

D1CE is simply a five-member lad radical composed of members Jo Yong Geun, Kim Hyun Soo, Jung Yoo Jun, Park Woo Dam, and Woo Jin Young. They debuted successful August 2019 and are presently gearing up for an online instrumentality gathering connected May 1. The radical volition beforehand with 4 members after Jo Yong Geun’s enlistment.

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