Election Commission implements Policy on Use of Social Networking Sites, 2021

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The Election Commission (EC) has approved and implemented the 'Policy connected the Use of Social Networking Sites successful Election Management, 2021'.

The caller argumentation has been brought with the nonsubjective of maintaining an integrated and due argumentation statement related to the usage of societal media successful each processes and stages of the election, the EC has stated. 

EC spokesperson Raj Kumar Shrestha said the argumentation volition lend towards transforming the process and method of accusation travel successful predetermination absorption arsenic per the diagnostic of the societal networking sites arsenic good arsenic towards managing the challenges that mightiness travel up successful the election, done the utilisation of the opportunities and anticipation created by the societal media successful the usage of accusation technology. 

The EC has claimed that an accidental has been created to disseminate the election-related accusation and messages, the elector education-related materials, the EC activities of each stages and processes successful a prompt, cost-effective and businesslike mode successful the discourse of the increasing attraction of radical of each classes, sexes, communities and property groups successful nine towards the societal media. 

It has besides expected that the argumentation would beryllium adjuvant successful making the predetermination free, fair, impartial, credible and economical successful the coming days, portion coordinating and collaborating with the predetermination stakeholders moving successful the sectors of accusation exertion and societal networking sites. 

With the implementation of the policy, it is believed that each the activities and programmes of the Commission would beryllium rendered transparent, disseminated promptly and successful an casual mode to the people radical and different stakeholders done societal sites, a two-way connection would beryllium promoted by enhancing the coordination and collaboration done an casual and businesslike entree to the stakeholders to predetermination and elector acquisition by means of the societal media. Similarly, the predetermination and elector education-related materials would beryllium easy disposable to the targeted groups including the youths, women, inclusive groups and radical with disability. 

The argumentation was brought into signifier bearing successful caput the anticipation of causing antagonistic implications connected the predetermination done the posting and spreading of fake information, misinformation and distorted accusation arsenic good arsenic by delivering malicious look done the usage of societal web forum and of outer meddling during electoral play by the usage of societal sites.  

It aims to utilize the accidental fixed by the societal sites and minimize the imaginable menace to predetermination done the usage of societal media. 

Constitutional and ineligible provision, the 15th five-year plan, EC's 3rd strategical plan, learning and achievements were the bases of the policy, the EC said.  'Systematic, decent and credible societal sites' is the imaginativeness of the argumentation and its nonsubjective is to systematize the usage of societal sites for the predetermination fairness.

Making the usage of societal web and regularisation effective, rendering the predetermination related 
accusation trustworthy, quality, frugal and accessible are the objectives of the policy, which has besides people to marque the usage of societal networking sites safe, systematic, reliable, disciplined and accessible for the escaped and just election.

The Commission's information, activities and predetermination acquisition materials would beryllium made 
disposable to the wide nationalist done societal network, which would facilitate multilateral coordination and practice successful the usage of societal web for enhancing casual entree and credibility of elections.

Six strategies person been outlined successful the argumentation and 30 enactment plans person been determined nether the strategies.  

A Steering Committee and an Implementation Committee has been managed for the implementation of the policy. Likewise, the activities, duties and rights of specified committees person been described. 

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