Emerging security threats in Nepal and its solution in 3D model

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The conception of information is antithetic depending connected the cognition and culture. No doubt, determination are political, social, economical and intelligence issues challenging societal equilibrium, nationalist independency and nationalist integrity successful immoderate place. National characters and values besides transportation important value to signifier nationalist unity. It is nationalism and patriotism that determine cohesiveness successful nationalist unity. In nationalist security, the 3D conception defines the full gamut worldwide. They are defence, development, and diplomacy.


Defence is perceived from constrictive perspectives successful Nepal. It is confined to subject responsibilities only. But, borderline absorption including radical and assets control, media management, bully governance, regularisation of instrumentality and quality rights are immoderate cardinal issues that assistance heighten the defence of a country. The burning questions are whether Nepal is susceptible to efficaciously negociate these, and wherefore it is fragile. Unless the answers to these questions are found, it volition beryllium susceptible to information threats continuously.


From developmental perspectives, unless socio-economic improvement is rapidly strengthened, information cannot beryllium ensured. It is not lone a substance of infrastructure development; it rightly covers full quality information specified arsenic health, lodging and wide livelihood. In fact, we could not efficaciously usage the UN’s Millennium Development Goal accidental that started from the opening of 21 period till 2015 and present Sustainable Development Goals to beryllium achieved by 2030 without this.

Due to mediocre managerial capacity, we are failing to conscionable the goals adjacent successful our pridefulness projects 1 aft another. On the societal front, we are not capable to guarantee inclusiveness; sex favoritism is astatine an all-time precocious successful governmental sectors. Dowry, kid marriage, chhaupadi, witchcraft are a fewer problems that undermine our societal behaviours. Corruption has deep-rooted impacts connected each sectors of our society. Politico-social-economic structures are ruined and dysfunctional owed to corruption. In a existent sense, improvement is paralysed by corruption. Unless Nepali nine is afloat alert of the request for societal exclusion of corrupts, the information threats volition not minimise.


With respect to diplomacy, determination are 2 schools of thought, arsenic per our mythology, to fortify nationalist security: kuta yuddha and dharma yuddha. Like successful the Mahabharat war, the triumph went to the practitioners of the kuta yuddha though the warfare itself was described arsenic dharma yuddha. Lord Krishna did not interaction a limb but utilized each diplomatic techniques successful favour of the Pandavs. His ain unit was warring against him and his allies, but his manoeuvre and tactics played a important relation to marque the Pandavs winner. This is an illustration of the highest level of diplomacy regarding sacrificing ain troops against the Pandavs to triumph successful the Mahabharat Yuddha. 

As per Kautilya’s Arthashastra, ‘artha’ means wealthiness oregon powerfulness and dharma means governmental virtuousness oregon ethical and motivation issues successful statecraft that our nine has already left. Balancing the wealthiness powerfulness and ethical behaviours of the elites is important. In the materialistic world, each the concern is related to nett and nonaccomplishment arsenic the merchant considers, but the authorities has a superior relation to support its citizens. Kautilya’s Matsyanyaya doctrine talks astir large food swallowing tiny ones. Similarly, large investors exploit petty traders; that is wherefore the authorities should attraction for justness and support all. King Prithvi Narayan Shah’s Divya Upadesh is inspired by this doctrine that ensured justness vis-à-vis information successful Nepal for a long.

Similarly, Thucydides says, “The beardown bash what they person the powerfulness to bash and the anemic judge what they person to accept.” For him, planetary relations let the mighty to bash arsenic they privation and unit the anemic to endure arsenic they must. The doctrine is highly regarded arsenic the Thucydides trap.

Geopolitics and information threats successful Nepal

King Prithvi Narayan Shah considered British Raj arsenic expansionist and China arsenic a sleeping elephantine astatine that time. His knowing of ‘geopolitics’ was marvellous, but later, the autocratic rulers aft him utilized the southbound and the northbound differently.

Of course, ‘geopolitics’ has pluses arsenic good arsenic minuses successful diplomacy arsenic to however the rulers usage this instrumentality to fortify the information of a nation. Although dissimilar what happened successful the caller Suez Canal incident, Nepal is besides victimised from the geopolitics of captious infrastructure galore times successful its history. Suez Canal shortens region connecting the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, and it was blocked by a vas for a week halting a cardinal dollars a time successful maritime commerce.

The Koshi, Gandak and Mahakali barrages are constructed by India connected Nepali ungraded adjacent to its borderline having captious geopolitical constraints, utilising the h2o resources for communal benefits. The h2o organisation is one-sided, but the damp tract is successful Nepali arable lands. The projected Koshi High Dam volition beryllium different setback connected Nepali geopolitical past if we bash not safeguard our involvement and rights implicit the Koshi river.

In fact, planetary relations are dictated by geopolitics. As we know, authorities deals with the method of governing nine whereas geography is the survey of the earth, its features and lives connected the earth. Politics remains precise analyzable owed to its complexities successful our relations. Nonetheless, it remains overriding to settee our disputes. And, with geopolitics, it is simply a comparative investigation of influencing forces/powers successful nine and geographical relevancy.

Scholars hold that geopolitics is not lone a subject but is besides a subject that analyses assorted forces connected a fixed territory. Science deals with knowledge, but to recognize geopolitics, cognition is not enough. Geopolitics being a subject too, we request to person grooming that makes america consenting to travel definite rules oregon to carnivore punishment if we interruption the rule. Misunderstanding geopolitics and deficiency of cognition into it person led america to problems galore times successful our history.

Nepal’s geopolitics is debatable arsenic a situation arsenic good arsenic an accidental from the days of its inception. King Prithvi Narayan Shah’s Dibya Upadesh is the archetypal of its benignant to specify Nepal’s strategy and nationalist information vis-à-vis overseas policy. Later, King Mahendra adopted a argumentation of non-alignment successful the sixties. Accordingly, King Birendra projected Nepal arsenic a portion of bid successful 1975. 

With specified a vision, Nepal’s diplomacy is astatine the crossroad successful the 21st period erstwhile the USA and China person emerged arsenic established and rising planetary powers. India is pursuing them arsenic a large planetary powerfulness inclining towards the quad concept, arsenic the Asian NATO, to antagonistic Chinese aggression successful Asia. Nepal, being geopolitically sensitive, has been victimised galore times to safeguard its territorial integrity and fortify nationalist information interest. Unless Nepal cautiously revives the 3D conception and applies it creatively successful nationalist lives deliberately, its information remains fragile. 

Identifying the threats is not capable if we neglect to intervene with due policies. Unless the absorption person is included and the National Security Adviser (NSA) is appointed successful the National Security Council, its effectiveness volition ever beryllium paralysed owed to the governmental parties and their leaders’ interest. To antagonistic nationalist arsenic good arsenic planetary meddling into interior security, proposal of a qualified NSA and its squad should beryllium mandatory earlier the National Security Council decides astatine its ceremonial meetings.     

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