Episode 6 Of “Kingdom”: It’s Track Meet Time!

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This week, we person a alteration of gait wherever the boys get retired of the workplace and retired into the prima for a time of sporting events. To nary one’s surprise, part-time-idol/part-time-athlete BTOB’s Minhyuk shines (literally); iKON are, well, inactive iKON; and everyone has amusive cheering Changmin on!

THE BOYZ’s Q is besides named Changmin. 

Spoiler warning: Rankings for circular 2 are listed towards the extremity of the article. 

But earlier we get to the existent vitamin D infused way meet, the amusement continues connected from past week by announcing the taxable for circular 3, which is “No Limit.” Unlike the erstwhile 2 rounds, determination volition beryllium 2 parts to this 3rd round. In portion 1, the six groups volition beryllium separated into 2 larger teams. ATEEZ, aft placing archetypal successful the erstwhile round, was fixed the prime to prime their groups, and they chose Stray Kids and BTOB, which means iKON, SF9, and THE BOYZ automatically signifier the different team. These larger groups volition interruption disconnected into smaller units — vocal, rap, dance/performance — and look disconnected with each other. Basically, each that conscionable means that we’ll beryllium successful collaboration nation, and I’m already buzzing with excitement.

For portion 2, the boys volition beryllium backmost successful their OG groups, and they’ll present a show with nary limits whatsoever. (THE BOYZ is already attempting to tribunal MC Changmin). The voting for this portion volition revert to however it was before, with 1 tiny alteration being that the groups volition lone person 2 votes alternatively of three.

How precocious tin you jump?

Now, onto KTM — Kingdom Track Meet! (Brought to you by 1 precise buzzed Kevin from THE BOYZ).

There were 3 events altogether, and they were MCed by TVXQ’s Changmin arsenic good arsenic a rotating sheet of radical representatives. The groups were divided according to the circular 3 teams, with squad Mayfly consisting of ATEEZ, Stray Kids, and BTOB, whereas squad The-i-9 dwell of THE BOYZ, iKON, and SF9.

The archetypal lawsuit was vaulting, and to commencement them disconnected was nary different than the Tall Idols SF9 (who are looking good successful their achromatic tops and jeans combo). They took vantage of their earthy gangly statures, and the bulk of their members vaulted their mode into the adjacent round.

When it was Stray Kids’ turn, Changbin, who was an MC astatine the time, made definite to fto everyone cognize helium had no religion successful his group’s abilities. And existent to his words, portion different groups got the vaulting montage, Stray Kids hilariously got the caught-on-the-vault-montage.

I contiguous to you, Strawberry Kids!

Short of the final: THE BOYZ’s Juyeon and ATEEZ’s Wooyoung were doing large too!

In the end, it was vaulting idol Minhyuk and Stray Kids’ Bang Chan who faced off successful the last circular astatine 2m 40 centimeter. But alas, some got caught connected the vault and were frankincense tied for the erstwhile tier.

SF9 backmost astatine it with their scene-stealing antics! 


What’s a sports time without immoderate digit lickin’ KFC? Oh, you mean it’s KF4 and not KFC? Okay ne'er mind. (Granted, luncheon for the boys was fried chicken).

As an interlude, everyone was asked to ballot for the visuals of Kingdom, officially dubbed Kingdom F4.

Coming successful 4th was a necktie betwixt BTOB’s Eunkwang and THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae, some with 3 votes each (out of 41 successful total). In 3rd spot was THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo with 4 votes; successful 2nd spot was Stray Kids’ Felix with 5 votes, and successful archetypal spot was Minhyuk with 7 votes.

Where’s the lie? 

The prize for coming successful archetypal was a CG glowing effect that was applied to ocular king Minhyuk whenever helium was connected surface for the remainder of the episode. And really, portion determination were plenty of good-looking boys retired connected the field, we tin each hold that Minhyuk was looking super fine that day, no?

How firmly tin you clasp on?

The 2nd event was “catch the tail” but with balloons. The teams each sent retired 8 members to signifier a chain, wherever the “head” of 1 squad goes aft the “tail” of the other. It was beauteous amusing watching the teams tally astir successful circles, and iKON’s Bobby looked especially entertained whenever his members couldn’t clasp connected to the idiosyncratic successful beforehand and were flung around.

After a 1-1 score, squad Mayfly eventually emerged victorious by winning the tiebreaker set.

How accelerated tin you run?

The 3rd and last lawsuit was a relay contention wherever each radical sent retired 4 members (with Minhyuk moving doubly for BTOB due to the fact that Changsub was inactive out).

In the relay, BTOB managed to instrumentality the pb from SF9 and stayed successful beforehand of the pack for the astir part. Unfortunately, Eunkwang took a tumble earlier helium was capable to manus the baton disconnected to Minhyuk successful the past leg and that outgo them their lead. ZZZ instantly overtook them, with ATEEZ’s Wooyoung (who was crushing each the events by the way) zooming in for the win, and Bang Chan and THE BOYZ’s Sangyeon respectively coming successful 2nd and third.

In the end, squad Mayfly came retired connected top, with 1426 points vs. squad The-i-9’s 225.

So close! Heh!

It was amusive to spot the boys fto escaped particularly since we’ve mostly seen their much superior sides (and it’s nice to spot them without “cuts and bruises” connected their faces for 1 week too). They besides got the accidental to mingle with each other, which volition beryllium important since they’ll request to enactment unneurotic for this adjacent round. And from the sneak peek, it already promises to be a doozy!

Round 2 rankings

Columns from near to close are experts’ evaluations (first place: ATEEZ), radical evaluations (tied for archetypal place: SF9 and BTOB), streaming views (first place: Stray Kids), and planetary voting (first place: Stray Kids), respectively. 

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Which squad were you rooting for successful the sports meet? And which portion team-up are you looking guardant to the most? Let america cognize successful the comments below. 

Belinda_C can’t hold for the explosive stages adjacent week. 

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