EU mobilises Rs 282 million to tackle Covid-19 crisis in Nepal

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Kathmandu, May 13

The European Union says it is mobilising Euro 2 cardinal (equivalent to Rs 282 million) to combat against the Covid-19 pandemic successful Nepal arsenic the fig of cases has skyrocketed successful a country.

In a statement connected Thursday, the EU Delegation to Nepal says the assistance volition enactment monitoring of home-isolated cases done telehealth/telemedicine services and accelerated referral to hospitals, nationalist exigency aesculapian teams deployment and planetary exigency aesculapian teams mobilisation facilitation. Likewise, it volition beryllium utilized to procure Covid-19 instrumentality and supplies successful Nepal.

Key instrumentality and supplies volition see oxygen instrumentality including oxygen state cylinders, oxygen concentrators, location attraction kits, diagnostics including antigen trial kits, and idiosyncratic extortion equipment, according to the delegation.

The delegation says the assistance was made successful effect to Nepal’s telephone for planetary enactment to combat the crisis.

Meanwhile, the European Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarčič, says, “The Covid-19 surge successful Nepal is claiming much lives each infinitesimal arsenic it spreads crossed the country. We basal successful afloat solidarity with Nepal successful its combat against the pandemic.”

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