Gautam Buddha International Airport likely to be ready in 3 months

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Kathmandu, February 21

The operation of Bhairahawa-based Gautam Buddha International Airport has reached the last phase, claims the Airport Construction Project.

The task says the gathering of carnal infrastructures has been astir completed and the airdrome is apt to travel into cognition wrong the adjacent 3 months.

The task truthful acold reports astir 95 per cent progress. Fixing of method instrumentality is awaited and it is somewhat delayed arsenic method quality resources for the aforesaid request to beryllium arrived from abroad, it has been learned. Available method quality resources wrong Nepal are moving efficiently for the project.

According to Project Chief Prabesh Adhikari, the import of instrumentality has been astir completed.

”It volition not instrumentality much than 3 months to hole instrumentality arsenic 2 tech experts from South Korea person been already present and 2 much from the US volition beryllium present wrong a mates of days. ‘

‘Similarly, a method squad of astir 15 radical is to get from India and six volition beryllium coming from China to grip the fixing, which is expected to instrumentality spot successful 1 to 1 and fractional months erstwhile the workers get there.

The task has been listed arsenic the government’s nationalist pridefulness project. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) had earlier planned to bring it into cognition by the opening of 2021.

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