Govt issuing ordinance to relaunch Janakpur-Jainagar railway asap

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Kathmandu, February 23

The authorities is preparing to contented an ordinance to wide decks for the cognition of Janakpur-Jainagar railway, Nepal’s lone railway, arsenic soon arsenic possible.

The authorities has to contented the ordinance arsenic a measure prepared for the relaunch of the work is pending successful parliament, and the measure cannot beryllium endorsed present arsenic the House of Representatives has been dissolved.

Deepak Bhattarai, the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Spokesperson Deepak Bhattarai says a treatment has begun to contented the ordinance and it volition not instrumentality overmuch time.

It has been learned that determination volition not beryllium important changes successful the ordinance from the bill.

Meanwhile, preparations person besides started to enlistee unit for the cognition of the train. Some method unit volition beryllium hired from India.

The 2 countries person already finalised a modular operating process to tally the cross-border railway. Likewise, a tariff has besides been proposed.

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