Hamro Patro Launches ‘Notes’ Feature – Now Keep Track Of Your Daily Life And Needs

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Today we unrecorded successful a satellite that is moving guardant astatine a accelerated pace. In specified a engaged world, we thin to hide galore important tasks and events successful our lives. That’s wherefore Hamro Patro has travel to our rescue to lick this occupation by introducing a caller diagnostic ‘Notes’. Nepal’s astir loved app Hamro Patro has launched this diagnostic successful an effort to marque the app much user-friendly and functional.


Notes Taking Feature

Note taking features was astir demanded diagnostic from its users to the Hamro Patro team. Keeping successful caput the needs of each individual, the diagnostic helps america successful marking important dates and events and we tin besides colour codification the events to signifier ourselves. For example, measure outgo reminders, birthdays, meetings, occasions, etc. tin beryllium marked and color-coded with antithetic colors accordingly to marque it easier for users to negociate their regular engagements. This diagnostic is presently disposable successful the Android and Web version, and the institution plans to motorboat it for iOS users shortly.

The notes that users adhd volition beryllium displayed connected the location leafage truthful that they are reminded of the lawsuit for that day. Additionally, users tin presumption each of your notes from the notes conception successful the calendar screen. And the champion portion is the notes volition not vanish adjacent if idiosyncratic login from different instrumentality utilizing the aforesaid ID. Hamro Patro has ever strived to excel successful providing features that assistance america signifier our regular life. So, the motorboat of this diagnostic makes the app adjacent much user-friendly and a implicit organizing spouse for our regular events and happenings.

Adding Notes successful Hamro Patro App

To adhd oregon presumption notes, first, you request login successful Hamro Patro app. You tin motion successful with Facebook, Gmail and Twitter account. For that, pat connected hamburger fastener oregon swipe near and pat connected the illustration image. Lastly, pat connected the specified dates that you privation to adhd the notes (not much than 500 characters) and save. You tin besides edit the notes inheritance utilizing disposable colors. Not lone that, you tin sync the notes from Desktop app to mobile app and vice versa. So, marque definite you marque implicit usage of this astonishing feature.

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