Heo Young Ji Reveals How Idols Manage To Date Without Cellphones

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Heo Young Ji has shared immoderate penetration into however idols date, adjacent portion being heavy monitored by their agencies!

The May 12 episode of MBC every1’s “South Korean Foreigners” was a “girl radical by generation” special, featuring Chakra’s Hwangbo, Cleo’s Chae Eun Jung, T-ara’s Qri, and KARA’s Heo Young Ji arsenic guests.

During the show, the 4 ladies discussed the strict rules idols person to travel that are enforced by their agencies. Qri shared, “When I was a rookie, I had to show my weight, and my telephone was taken distant the time earlier our debut.” Chae Eun Jung and Hwangbo instantly shared that they could relate, some confirming that their phones were besides taken away.

Chae Eun Jung then surprised everyone by remarking, “However, adjacent if you don’t person a cellphone, everyone inactive dates.” When asked however that was possible, Hwangbo responded, “Among the members, astatine slightest 1 has to person a phone. They would telephone that member, and we’d conscionable walk the phone.” She added with a laugh, “I’m not saying I did that.”

Heo Young Ji chimed in, “In our time, determination was besides this. When you got your telephone taken away, you could connect your MP3 subordinate to the net and download messenger apps for chatting.”

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