How to Send Twilio SMS Notifications from WooCommerce (Step by Step)

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Do you privation to nonstop Twilio SMS notifications from WooCommerce?

With SMS notifications, you tin enactment successful interaction with your customers, notify them of bid updates, nonstop coupon codes, and more.

In this article, we’ll amusement you however you tin adhd Twilio SMS notifications from your WooCommerce online store.

How to nonstop   Twilio SMS notifications from WooCommerce

Why Add SMS Notifications to WooCommerce?

SMS notifications are the champion mode to springiness your customers accusation astir their orders. Text messages are highly personal, and they are usually viewed and opened wrong seconds of receiving.

You tin usage SMS notifications to springiness your WooCommerce buyers updates astir their orders. You tin besides present peculiar coupon codes to promote buyers to store again.

SMS notifications springiness you originative ways to enactment successful interaction with your customers and present value.

  • You tin nonstop retired flash merchantability notifications
  • Alert your customers their favourite products are backmost successful stock
  • Use SMS messages to present promo and coupon codes
  • Send bid confirmation and shipping messages

Step 1. Set Up Your Twilio SMS Account

First happening you’ll request is simply a Twilio account.

Twilio is an online work that offers phone, dependable messaging, and SMS services you tin usage with applications similar WordPress and WooCommerce.

You tin instrumentality vantage of the escaped proceedings to acceptable up your relationship and experimentation with the service. You’ll wage $0.0075 per connection sent, with bulk messaging rates available.

To start, caput implicit to the Twilio website and motion up for the escaped trial.

Twilio website motion   up

On the signup page, you’ll beryllium asked to participate your idiosyncratic information.

Then, you’ll request to verify your email code and your telephone number.

Verify Twilio account

After that, prime the products you privation to use. In this case, it’s ‘SMS’ and ‘Alerts & Notifications’.

Then, prime the ‘With minimal code’ enactment and ‘PHP’ beneath that.

Twilio motion   up   information

Once you participate your information, click ‘Get Started with Twilio’.

After you motion up for an account, you’ll beryllium taken to the Twilio dashboard. You request to click the ‘Get your archetypal Twilio number’ fastener to get a telephone number for your account.

This volition bring up a popup that contains your caller number.

Twilio telephone  number

If you similar the number, past click ‘Choose this Number’ to support it.

Your Account SID, Auth token, and caller Twilio fig are besides listed connected this screen.

You’ll request this accusation later, truthful support this tab open.

Twilio task  info screen

Step 2. Install and Activate Uncanny Automator

To nonstop SMS messages from WooCommerce, we’re going to beryllium utilizing an automation plugin.

The champion WordPress automation plugin is Uncanny Automator. It acts arsenic a span betwixt antithetic WordPress plugins and applications and lets them speech to each other.

Uncanny Automator plugin

This plugin is similar Zapier for WordPress websites. It’s incredibly beginner-friendly and comes with each kinds of automated workflows you tin acceptable up successful a mates of clicks (no coding needed).

For much details, spot our usher connected how to make automated workflows successful WordPress with Uncanny Automator.

Step 3. Create an SMS Notification with Uncanny Automator

Once Uncanny Automator is activated and acceptable up, you tin adhd a WooCommerce SMS notification.

First, you’ll request to link your Twilio relationship to the Uncanny Automator plugin.

To bash this navigate to Automator » Settings. Then, click the ‘Twilio’ option.

Here you’ll participate your Account SID, Auth Token, and your Twilio number.

Connect Twilio account

Then, click ‘Save API Details’.

Now, you tin acceptable up a notification, truthful erstwhile a idiosyncratic places an bid successful WooCommerce, it’ll automatically nonstop them an SMS message.

To bash this, navigate to Automator » Add new. Then, you’ll beryllium prompted to take ‘Logged-in’ oregon ‘Anonymous’.

We’re going to take ‘Anonymous’ truthful each users volition person an SMS notification, adjacent if they cheque retired with a impermanent account.

Uncanny Automator anonymous recipe

Next, you tin springiness your look a name.

After that prime ‘WooCommerce’ successful the ‘Anonymous trigger’ meta box.

Select WooCommerce integration

Now, you tin take your trigger.

We’ll usage the archetypal enactment since they’re each related to making a WooCommerce purchase.

Add WooCommerce trigger

Next, take the trigger condition.

From the drop-down menu, prime ‘completes’, to trigger the automation erstwhile a lawsuit completes a purchase. Then, click ‘Save’.

Completes bid   trigger

Once you’ve done that, you tin take a circumstantial merchandise oregon immoderate merchandise successful your store.

To take each products successful your store, prime the ‘Any product’ option, past click the ‘Save’ button.

All products trigger

The Automator volition present prevention your trigger, and you tin determination connected to the Actions section. You’ll spot antithetic options depending connected if you take anonymous oregon logged-in recipes.

Since, we chose an anonymous recipe, there’s the enactment to execute the enactment connected an Existing idiosyncratic oregon New user.

Set enactment   connected  caller   users

To continue, click connected ‘New user’.

Automator volition present person you acceptable the idiosyncratic information you privation to use.

You request to click the ‘Asterisk’ motion adjacent to each tract and prime the corresponding WooCommerce field. For example, we’ll beryllium utilizing ‘Billing archetypal name’ for the ‘First name’ field.

Set idiosyncratic    information  WooCommerce archetypal  name

Below you’ll spot the user role mounting and what to bash if the idiosyncratic already exists. You tin prime subscriber arsenic the idiosyncratic relation and ‘Do Nothing’ for existing users.

Then, click the ‘Save’ fastener to continue.

After saving, click the ‘Add action’ fastener and prime the ‘Twilio’ integration.

Select Twilio integration

From the driblet down menu, prime ‘Send an SMS connection to a number’.

This volition bring up a caller container wherever you tin adhd the To code and the Body of your substance message.

In the ‘To’ field, you request to click the ‘Asterisk’ fastener and prime ‘Billing phone’ from the driblet down list.

Then, you tin customize the substance connection contented you privation to nonstop to your customers. By clicking the ‘Asterisk’, you tin adhd information from their order, similar the sanction of the product, city, full price, and more.

Customize Twilio SMS message

Once you’re satisfied with your message, click ‘Save’.

Now, you tin presumption the afloat enactment summary.

Twilio afloat  trigger and enactment   setting

After that, you tin spell up and marque this look active.

At the apical of the exertion successful the ‘Recipe’ box, you tin power the ‘Draft’ toggle to Live.

Make look    live

Your caller look volition present beryllium active, and you’ll automatically nonstop Twilio SMS notifications to your customers erstwhile they implicit a acquisition successful WooCommerce.

Make definite to trial your workflow to spot that the look is triggered and the close enactment is performed.

We anticipation this nonfiction helped you larn however to nonstop Twilio SMS notifications from WooCommerce. You whitethorn besides privation to spot our ultimate WooCommerce SEO guide and our adept database of the best WooCommerce plugins for your store.

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