“Idol School” Chief Producer Receives Prison Sentence For Vote Manipulation

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The main shaper (CP) of the Mnet programme “Idol School” has received a condemnation for manipulating votes.

On June 10, a sentencing proceeding was held astatine Seoul Central District Court for the “Idol School” CP Kim Tae Eun and the readying and accumulation squad person “Kim.” Kim Tae Eun was sentenced to 1 twelvemonth successful prison, portion the readying and accumulation squad person “Kim” was sentenced a good of 10 cardinal won (approximately $8,965) for abetting the crime.

Mnet launched “Idol School” successful July 2017 to debut a miss radical done an “expert education” concept, with 41 trainees entering the “school” and receiving acquisition successful assorted fields for 11 weeks. A full of 9 members would beryllium selected to debut successful a caller miss group, which yet became fromis_9.

In September 2019, the amusement came nether suspicion for manipulation of viewers’ votes. In July 2020, CP Kim Tae Eun and the readying and accumulation squad person “Kim” were charged with obstruction of concern and fraud.

At the proceeding connected June 10, the tribunal specifically mentioned the concern with contestant Lee Hae In. Lee Hae In was ranked archetypal successful spectator votes, but CP Kim Tae Eun wanted to destruct her arsenic she didn’t acceptable the group’s image. The CP asked the planning and accumulation squad person “Kim” if it would beryllium good to destruct her. “Kim” agreed, and Lee Hae In was eliminated.

After receiving the sentence, CP Kim Tae Eun was taken nether custody astatine tribunal connected June 10.

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