In pandemic e-work, Greece sees chance to reverse brain drain

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The pandemic was a wakeup telephone that reminded ChristophorosXenos of what helium misses astir successful London -- the Greek prima and pleasant Mediterranean mode of life.

The 36-year aged hazard manager near Greece successful his aboriginal 20s for Britain, aiming to implicit his studies, summation nonrecreational acquisition overseas and travel back.

This ne'er happened, arsenic the decade-long Greek situation that followed killed thousands of jobs.

But during the archetypal coronavirus wave, Xenos took vantage of distant enactment to instrumentality to Greece for 3 months -- and homesickness deed him hard.

"I worked for 3 months from Athens and the Greek islands and truly enjoyed the weather, the prime of life, the instrumentality to the homeland," helium told AFP.

With thousands of employees similar Xenos susceptible of moving remotely, Greece sees an accidental to bring backmost immoderate of the minds the state mislaid during the past decade.
"We privation you back," Alex Patelis, main economical advisor to Prime Minister KyriakosMitsotakis, said astatine a caller Delphi Forum online event.

"Open offices, acceptable up caller companies oregon determination portion of your businesses to Greece. We person the sun, the technology, and we are by your side," helium said.

Some 500,000 radical moved overseas during the Greek crisis. The system shrank by a 4th and unemployment skyrocketed to 28 percent. Since then, occupation figures person improved, but unemployment remains much than treble the European Union and eurozone average.     The exodus of fractional a cardinal radical outgo the Greek system much than 15 cardinal euros ($18 billion), according to a study by the Hellenic Authority for Quality successful Higher Education (ADIP).

Around 90 percent of those who near were assemblage graduates and 64 percent held a postgraduate degree, according to a survey by consulting steadfast ICAP.
- 'I privation to return' -

The authorities offers a hefty taxation inducement to those who determination backmost to Greece from overseas -- a 50 percent exemption connected income earned present for the adjacent 7 years.
Xenos says taxation is 1 of the main issues inactive keeping radical overseas and the caller little taxation argumentation volition beryllium a large incentive.

"I privation to return. I cognize that the wage won't beryllium the same, but I don't privation to marque a immense compromise that would marque nary consciousness professionally," helium said. However, determination are different large issues that request to beryllium tackled: debased salaries, authorities bureaucracy and net bandwidth that is some dilatory and expensive.

According to a survey by the EU's instauration for the betterment of surviving and moving conditions, Greece importantly lags down the European mean successful presumption of creating high-quality jobs with bully fiscal gains and prospects.

Greece besides ranks among the worst-performing countries successful the OECD successful the employment of higher acquisition graduates aged 25-64.Even so, immoderate Greeks person started to return.

- 'Incredible things happening' -
At the Athens Medical School, a twelve scientists person repatriated and truthful far, person not regretted it.

"Incredible things are happening successful Greece, the state lacks neither successful brains nor successful capabilities," said IoannaMourkioti, a 29-year-old biology PhD student."It's conscionable that everything is done much dilatory owed to the Greek bureaucracy," she added.

Mourkioti worked connected a squad that managed to make a accelerated Covid-19 antigen test. They anticipation that a Greek institution volition soon determination up with wide production, allowing Greece to go much autarkic successful testing.

All the members of the squad person completed portion of their studies oregon spent portion of their nonrecreational careers abroad. "Our enactment shows that Greece tin pb successful probe arsenic well. It mightiness beryllium much hard for a Greek researcher, having to bash each the logistics by himself and lacking successful infrastructure, but it tin beryllium done and it is simply a assemblage that our state tin grow," said NefeliLagopati, a 37-year aged postdoctorate researcher successful biology and nanomedicine.

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