Insufficient budget mars upgradation of Nagma-Gamgadhi road section

2 days ago 12

The upgradation occupation of Nagma-Gamgadhi roadworthy conception of Karnali Highway has been affected for deficiency of capable fund to beforehand the operation task. 

The task was affected arsenic Rs 97 cardinal fund released by the national authorities for the existent fiscal twelvemonth was completed successful the archetypal 3 months. With the completion of the budget, the national authorities again sent Rs 50 cardinal but that magnitude excessively has finished.  

Chief of Road Division Office, Jumla, Leela Bhandari said that the operation enactment is not taking spot arsenic per the estimate. The occupation of gravel and drain operation are incomplete and outgo of Rs 120 cardinal for the contractor is delayed owed to insufficient budget.

In the existent fiscal year, gravel enactment of 34 kms roadworthy on the Gamgadhi-Nagma is completed and the gravel enactment of 59 kms is yet to transportation out.

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