Jessica And Krystal Talk About Future Plans For Marriage, Ideal Types, Current Worries, And More

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On May 13, Jessica shared a video connected her idiosyncratic YouTube transmission wherever she shared drinks and chatted with her sister Krystal and their 2 friends, exemplary Irene and dependable technologist Yang Yung Eun.

In the video, Jessica said, “We’re going to person an honorable chat implicit drinks.” Jessica past joked, “Krystal doesn’t person a batch of friends,” but Krystal fired back, “I person much than you.” Jessica uploaded a station asking for questions from fans that the friends and sisters could answer.

Asked what she would beryllium doing if she wasn’t a singer, Jessica replied, “I deliberation I mightiness person go a mom. Our ma gave commencement to maine erstwhile she was 27.”

Jessica shared that Krystal wasn’t bully astatine drinking and said, “I felt that we couldn’t go drinking buddies. But the extent of speech is antithetic erstwhile you’re sober and erstwhile you’re drinking.” Krystal said, “Why bash you person to portion unneurotic to go friends? When there’s a unit meal oregon a radical dinner, I drink. When I conscionable up with my family, it’s pugnacious for maine to portion aggregate days successful a row, truthful I similar not to. But erstwhile I don’t, unni gets annoyed astatine me.”

Jessica said, “She’s ever pushing maine off. She gets drunk with different people, but erstwhile I suggest we spell for drinks, she says that she’s not feeling well. I decided that I wouldn’t adjacent inquire her anymore.”

Asked astir their existent concerns, Jessica said, “When I was younger, I didn’t instrumentality attraction of my assemblage astatine all. Now I privation I had managed my wellness amended erstwhile I was younger. I had a phobia of hospitals, blood, and needles to the constituent wherever I’ve fainted. It’s not similar that anymore and I’m trying to go friendlier with the hospital.”

Krysta said, “I don’t deliberation that concerns ever stay concerns. I don’t spell done beingness with a batch of large worries.” Jessica said, “I’m acrophobic astir you. Soo Jung [Krystal’s Korean name]’s wellness isn’t large either. When I get connected a plane, I autumn dormant close away, but erstwhile she woke maine up because she had a truly atrocious nosebleed.”

Asked astir her perfect type, Krystal said, “Brad Pitt. Tom Hardy. I similar guys who look manly.” Krystal and Irene past said they some get scolded by Jessica astir their dating styles. Krystal said, “I’m the benignant to determination everything into a narration due to the fact that I don’t privation to person regrets later.” Jessica said, “I get that, but you person to gully the enactment astatine immoderate point. Think astir it from the guy’s perspective. If you bash everything for them each the time…” Krystal said, “I deliberation it’s important to conscionable idiosyncratic who has the aforesaid emotion connection arsenic you.”

The sisters were besides asked astir their perfect wedding. Krystal said, “When I debuted astatine property 14, I thought that erstwhile I got to the property that I americium now, I would already beryllium married. That’s however acold my precocious twenties seemed astatine the time. And that’s astir erstwhile our moms got married. But abruptly I turned 28.”

The different girls asked Jessica erstwhile she was getting joined and she said, “I volition get joined astatine immoderate point. When the timing is right.”

Check retired the video (with subtitles) below:

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