Jin Ji Hee Talks About Portraying School Violence In “The Penthouse 2,” What She’s Looking Forward To In Season 3, And More

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Jin Ji Hee shared her closing remarks pursuing the finale of “The Penthouse 2,” which wrapped up its play connected April 2.

“The Penthouse 2” is the 2nd play of the deed play centered astir Hera Palace, an flat analyzable reserved for those astatine the apical of the societal pyramid. It focuses connected the ambitions and pursuit of revenge among a radical of women who halt astatine thing to support their children.

Jin Ji Hee played the relation of Yoo Je Ni, who went done a batch of important events successful the latest season. To reflector the stages of maturation her quality moved through, Jin Ji Hee “tried to look much mature by cutting [her] hairsbreadth to mid-length and focused connected expressing the smallest shifts successful emotions.” She added, “Out of the Hera kids, I deliberation Je Ni is the 1 that matured the most. So I adjacent paid attraction to changing the code of my dependable to a much calm 1 truthful that I tin marque the viewers think, ‘Je Ni is changing too.'”

The interrogation dug deeper into the scenes that dealt with schoolhouse violence, to which Jin Ji Hee commented, “I anticipation they aren’t interpreted truthful severely.” She hopes that what viewers instrumentality from the scenes is to beryllium capable to absorption connected an individual’s emotions and recognize, “this benignant of symptom tin happen” and to recognize that victims tin carnivore unspeakable pain. She added, “As overmuch arsenic it was a clip wherever I reflected upon myself, I deliberation schoolhouse unit should not instrumentality spot successful the amusement industry, nor anywhere. I privation for a blessed country.”

As for her astir memorable scene, Jin Ji Hee stated, “The astir memorable country is wherever I showed my hairsbreadth loss. It was truthful sad, and I didn’t cognize I would outcry truthful overmuch but the tears kept coming down. After filming, I was worried, ‘What if I was the lone 1 that recovered it sad,’ but I was told that it was a country that highlighted my chemistry with Shin Eun Kyung.”

Her chemistry with Shin Eun Kyung is thing Jin Ji Hee’s ma successful existent beingness besides recognizes, though with immoderate grudges. Jin Ji Hee explained, “My ma complimented me, saying that she was overwhelmed with emotions. I truly similar my ma and dad, and I deliberation these emotions overlap with my quality and assistance maine successful however I play retired my narration with my onscreen mom.”

Jin Ji Hee stated that if fixed the chance, she would similar to effort taking on Choi Ye Bin’s quality Ha Eun Byul. She explained, “Eun Byul has a wider spectrum of emotions, and had much scenes successful play 2 wherever she had to expend truthful overmuch energy. I deliberation it would person been hard for immoderate histrion to propulsion the quality off, but Ye Bin did it.”

At the extremity of play 2, details connected Je Ni’s mysterious dada (Park Ho San) were unveiled. All this time, helium was successful prison, not Dubai, and it seems that that’s not the lone concealed that he’s been keeping from her. On this, Jin Ji Hee stated, “I haven’t received immoderate scripts for play 3 yet. So I’m truthful funny arsenic to however the play will play out. I was truthful funny however Je Ni would woody with her mom’s secret, but if it’s similar this past I deliberation Je Ni volition besides judge her dad’s secret.” She added that Je Ni is simply a quality that sticks by a person’s broadside erstwhile she feels similar that idiosyncratic is 1 of “her” people. This goes for whether the idiosyncratic does bully oregon bad. But she does anticipation that her onscreen dada is idiosyncratic that stands connected the “good side” and takes down each the villains.

More connected play 3, Jin Ji Hee said, “In play 3, I privation to halt crying. In play 3, I privation to beryllium mature but a spot much lively.” As her past wish, she stated, “This is thing I’m hoping for successful play 3, but I’m funny what you deliberation astir Je Ni starting to date. Wouldn’t it beryllium amusive if Je Ni had immoderate field romance?”

In the past agelong of her online interview, Jin Ji Hee looked backmost connected her acting career. After debuting successful 2003, she has kept up a dependable vocation and is regularly described arsenic “a kid histrion gone right.” She explained that portion she utilized to beryllium burdened by the unit of having to unrecorded up to expectations and to turn retired of her representation arsenic a kid actor, she is present much focused connected enjoying her contiguous and doing the champion successful what she can.

As for however she grew retired of that worry, she explained, “Just due to the fact that I’m successful a rush, doesn’t mean that things proceed astatine a faster velocity oregon situations originate to lucifer it. So I thought that I person to bash what I tin bash now. If I get stressed, it’s not a bully power connected myself oregon my family.”

Jin Ji Hee is known to person received singular grades portion juggling her full-time occupation arsenic an actress. She commented, “At first, I ever thought that I should unrecorded upright. And astatine 1 point, I realized I was surviving it out.” As for her receiving each As, she said, “I got fortunate successful becoming the apical of my class. I deliberation I person immoderate greed erstwhile it comes to the things I privation to achieve.”

Season 3 of “The Penthouse” volition premiere successful June.

In the meantime, drawback up connected Jin Ji Hee’s stellar show successful “The Penthouse 2” here!

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