Jung Ilhoon Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison For Marijuana Charges

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Jung Ilhoon has received a situation condemnation for purchasing and utilizing marijuana.

On June 10, Jung Il Hoon’s sentencing proceeding was held astatine the Seoul Central District Court. He was sentenced to 2 years successful situation and fined 133 cardinal won (approximately $119,200) for violating the Act connected the Control of Narcotics, Etc., and helium was taken nether custody.

Jung Ilhoon was brought to proceedings for suspicions of purchasing and smoking 826 grams (approximately 1.8 pounds) of marijuana utilizing astir 130 cardinal won (approximately $116,500) crossed 161 instances betwixt July 5, 2016 and January 9, 2019 unneurotic with 7 different defendants. Depending connected the fig of instances they smoked marijuana, the 7 different defendants received varied sentences betwixt 1 twelvemonth and six months done 2 years oregon a suspended sentence.

The tribunal stated, “The defendants communicated done the acheronian web successful bid for their transgression to not beryllium easy detected, and they utilized elaborate transgression methods specified arsenic making transactions with the cryptocurrency bitcoin.”

Regarding Jung Ilhoon and different suspect Park, the tribunal said, “The 2 defendants played starring roles and carried retired the transgression acts the highest fig of times.”

Jung Ilhoon enlisted arsenic a nationalist work idiosyncratic successful May 2020 and withdrew from BTOB successful December 2020. Last month, the prosecution requested 4 years successful situation with a fine, and his confirmed condemnation of 2 years successful situation with a good was announced today.

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