Jung Ji So Talks About Her Childhood Dream Of Being An Idol And Chemistry With Co-Stars In Upcoming Drama “Imitation”

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Jung Ji Soo shared her thoughts connected her upcoming assortment play “Imitation” (literal title)!

KBS’s “Imitation” is based connected a webtoon of the aforesaid sanction astir the lives of idols successful the amusement industry. The webtoon is fashionable each implicit the world with implicit 3.73 cardinal subscribers on Kakao Page and much than 600,000 registered comments.

Jung Ji So volition represent talented dancer Maha, the halfway of the three-member miss radical Tea Party. Her radical members volition beryllium played by Minseo and Lim Nayoung. Maha is known in the idol satellite for her agleam and lovable vigor arsenic good arsenic her large creation skills.

Regarding her relation arsenic an idol successful the upcoming drama, Jung Ji So shared, “When I was young, determination was a clip erstwhile becoming an idol was my dream, truthful this is truly meaningful, and I’m precise blessed to debut done a task I like.” After starring successful the Oscar-winning movie “Parasite” and the play “The Cursed,” Jung Ji So volition beryllium undergoing different large translation with her relation arsenic Maha. The histrion explained, “I wanted to effort acting successful thing that was wholly antithetic from my past projects, and the quality Maha, arsenic good arsenic the task ‘Imitation,’ is the imagination I’ve ever had portion acting. I’m taking connected this situation gratefully due to the fact that it’s a relation I truly wanted to play, to the grade that the fewer months of waiting to commencement filming felt similar a fewer years.”

Jung Ji So shared that she was likewise optimistic similar Maha, but she modestly added that she was little akin successful presumption of visuals with the character from the webtoon. The histrion revealed that she had already been learning however to creation and sing, but she adjacent adjusted her fare and practiced unsocial aft being formed for the drama. She shared, “There were times it was hard and times I was hungry, but because I was grateful for the clip I could enactment arsenic Maha and considered it precious, I could movie portion smiling.”

In bid to hole for the drama, the histrion shared that she watched galore romanticist drama projects and work the publication portion listening to emotion songs. She shared, “Although I worked unneurotic with Lee Jun Young arsenic a emotion involvement portion filming, I relied connected him a batch similar a sibling and gave him fist bumps disconnected camera. I was capable to enactment with much assurance acknowledgment to Lee Jun Young, who ever told maine bully things and complimented me.”

Jung Ji So besides expressed her gratitude to the cast. She shared, “Compared to my past projects, you could accidental that the formed members were closer to my age, but the task was inactive mostly filled with actors older than maine and senior actors, truthful they took attraction of maine a batch and gave maine a batch of proposal that allowed maine have energy portion filming. When acting with the Tea Party members, I had so overmuch amusive acting that it felt similar I was hanging retired with friends without knowing that clip was passing. Particularly, connected hard filming days, I held connected by hugging them and whining. Looking back, I deliberation I was capable to movie portion staying beardown until the extremity due to the fact that of my co-stars and elder actors, truthful I’m precise grateful.”

The histrion chose the show signifier by Tea Party arsenic 1 of her recommended scenes due to the fact that of the effort and clip that went into it. Finally, she expressed her hopes for viewers to see her an histrion with imaginable to alteration into divers characters. Jung Ji So added that the play besides reflects the hard enactment of the young actors who are heading towards their dreams similar their characters. She shared, “Please cheer connected each and each 1 of america and our dreams successful the play and successful reality. Thank you!”

“Imitation” volition premiere connected May 7 astatine 11:20 p.m. KST.

Watch Jung Ji So’s co-star U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young successful “Good Casting” below:

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