Jung So Min Transforms Into A Busy Editor Who Finds Comfort In Her Home In Upcoming Drama

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JTBC’s “Monthly House” (literal translation) shared its archetypal look at Jung So Min’s character!

“Monthly House” is simply a romance play that follows the communicative of Na Young Won (Jung So Min) who thinks houses are for surviving and Yoo Ja Sung (Kim Ji Suk) who thinks houses are for buying. (In Korean, “live” and “buy” tin beryllium worded the aforesaid way.) The play takes “my house,” a buzzworthy taxable successful Korea, and brings retired the issues accompanying housing with regards to justness and desire.

Jung So Min’s quality Na Young Won is an mean bureau idiosyncratic successful her 10th twelvemonth arsenic an exertion for a manner magazine. Although she’s been paying precocious rent rates for 10 years now, she sees her location arsenic a spot afloat of each her emotions.

The recently released stills picture Na Young Won’s enactment beingness and backstage life. As an editor, she’s precise engaged astatine work, and she focuses connected her duties. Her sleeves are rolled up, and she prepares props for filming. She pays attraction to the smallest of details and makes definite everything is perfect.

However, Na Young Won is wholly escaped and relaxed astatine home. Her hairsbreadth is successful a bun, and she’s wearing a cozy hoodie. Her look is glowing with a agleam smile, and she enjoys her rooftop location that has a bully view. Her blessed look hints that she likes location due to the fact that it’s a spot wherever she tin wholly beryllium herself.

The accumulation crew explained Jung So Min’s character, saying, “Na Young Won is an bureau idiosyncratic to the bony who runs connected her feet to marque ends meet. She loves her occupation arsenic an exertion much than anyone else, and she’s a charming quality who is affectional alternatively than calculative.”

Then they added, “The synchronization of Na Young Yon and Jung So Min is more cleanable than you can imagination. With her cheerful and beauteous charm, Jung So Min soon became Na Young Won. Please look guardant to the premiere wherever you’ll beryllium capable to conscionable the beauteous character.”

The play volition premiere connected June 16 astatine 9 p.m. KST.

While we wait, cheque retired Jung So Min successful “Fix You” below!

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