Kang Daniel Talks About Being A Homebody, His Mom’s Unexpected Reaction To His Fame, And More

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Kang Daniel appeared arsenic a impermanent connected the April 6 occurrence of KBS’s “Problem Child successful House”!

On the show, Kang Daniel talked astir the nutrient helium likes, his estimation for being a homebody, his mother’s hilarious absorption to his fame, and what helium thinks astir “ending fairies.”

Kang Daniel is known for being a homebody, adjacent appearing connected the amusement “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets,” which is astir celebrities who hatred going retired and similar to person amusive astatine home. He said, “Even earlier COVID-19, I liked being astatine location alone. There was a clip erstwhile I didn’t permission the location for a month.” Asked what helium did, helium replied, “I play video games and ticker movies. There are a batch of amusive documentaries these days. I don’t differentiate betwixt meal and lunch. If I consciousness sleepy watching a movie, I sleep. If I aftermath up and it’s agleam out, I think, ‘Oh, it’s day.’ If it’s acheronian out, I think, ‘Oh, it’s night.’ I ticker movies, devour food, and if my assemblage feels heavy, I enactment out. If friends interaction maine to play video games together, past we play. It’s comfortable.”

He added, “If I’m resting and friends inquire maine if they tin travel over, I suggest that we conscionable up connected the machine instead. If friends travel over, past I person to cleanable up aft them and it’s a pain.”

He shared that helium likes to portion astatine location unsocial and said, “I bask brew and whiskey. I don’t consciousness good erstwhile I portion with food, truthful I conscionable portion alcohol. The magnitude I tin portion differs each time.” He added, “I similar blistery condiment a lot. I enactment it connected crockery and ail breadstuff arsenic well. When I was seven, I was fixed arrowroot from a teacher and ever since past I’ve liked arrowroot too.”

About ending poses, helium said, “I truly hated it erstwhile the cameras caught maine breathing hard astatine the extremity of a performance. I felt similar I looked weird.” Jung Hyung Don commented, “It’s idols similar him who created the ‘ending pose.’ We went connected ‘Music Bank’ erstwhile and Defconn did the ending and helium got a batch of hate.”

Kang Daniel shared that his ma is simply a immense instrumentality of his, but revealed an unexpected twist. “I was watching TV with my mom,” helium said. “She watched maine connected TV precise intently, truthful overmuch that she ne'er erstwhile looked astir astatine maine who was sitting close adjacent to her. Normally if I look connected TV, radical volition say, ‘Oh, is that truly however you bash it?’ and marque comments to me. But my ma conscionable watches maine connected TV and talks to herself and doesn’t speech to maine astatine all.”

He added, “My ma erstwhile went a photograph accumulation that I did to rise consciousness for adopting children and she brought location 3 immense photos. I told her that we should enactment those distant and she said, ‘But he’s handsome!'”

He concluded, “I deliberation that my ma thinks that the personage Kang Daniel and her lad Kang Daniel are wholly antithetic people.” On a heartwarming note, helium said, “It was acknowledgment to my ma that I could get done my hard grooming period. Even conscionable calling her erstwhile a week gives maine a consciousness of healing and strength.”

Kang Daniel is gearing up for his comeback with the mini medium “YELLOW.”

Check retired “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets” below!

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