Kim Dong Wook Dishes On His Upcoming Romance Drama With Seo Hyun Jin

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tvN’s upcoming play “You Are My Spring” (literal translation) has shared a sneak peek of Kim Dong Wook successful his starring role!

“You Are My Spring” is simply a caller romance play that tells the communicative of a radical of radical surviving successful a gathering wherever a execution antecedently took place. Although they are each afloat grown adults, they inactive spell astir their lives with their seven-year-old selves successful their hearts.

Seo Hyun Jin volition prima successful the play arsenic Kang Da Jung, a edifice concierge manager who moves into the gathering for a caller start, portion Kim Dong Wook volition prima arsenic Joo Young Do, a psychiatrist who aims to assistance radical that nary longer consciousness beingness is worthy living.

In a recently released glimpse of Kim Dong Wook’s archetypal country successful the drama, the intelligent and sharp-witted Joo Young Do wears a warm, comforting look arsenic helium listens to 1 of his patients. Although his stance and perfectly composed regard is arsenic nonrecreational arsenic ever, the look successful his eyes hints astatine his sincere tendency to assistance others.

However, adjacent though Joo Young Do’s keen instincts and superb caput marque it casual for him to fig retired different radical successful the blink of an eye, helium has a hidden clumsy broadside that is unexpectedly endearing. And portion helium is talented astatine helping others with their affectional wounds, helium has lived his full beingness without being capable to heal his own.

Describing wherefore helium had been drawn to the drama, Kim Dong Wook recalled, “When I archetypal work the script, I was highly excited. The dialogue, characters, and communicative were each truthful honest, straightforward, and amusive that I had nary prime but to look for the adjacent script.”

He went connected to explicit his assurance successful “You Are My Spring,” sharing, “Aside from the heart-fluttering romance and comfort, the play has a wide array of elements that volition marque it amusive to watch. I myself americium truly looking guardant to gathering viewers done ‘You Are My Spring.'”

The producers of “You Are My Spring” commented, “Kim Dong Wook has perfectly captured the essence of the Joo Young Do that we wanted to represent done ‘You Are My Spring,’ and helium is adding to the prime of the play with his acting. Please look guardant to his show successful the unsocial healing romance ‘You Are My Spring,’ done which helium is definite to execute different career-defining role.”

“You Are My Spring” volition premiere connected July 5 astatine 9 p.m. KST. Check retired a teaser for the play here!

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