Kim Min Jung Is Ji Sung’s Deceptively Charming Nemesis In A Dystopian Korea In “The Devil Judge”

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tvN’s upcoming play “The Devil Judge” has shared its archetypal glimpse of Kim Min Jung successful her starring role!

“The Devil Judge” is acceptable successful an alternate-universe, dystopian mentation of Korea wherever the full federation participates successful a proceedings done a unrecorded broadcast courtroom show. Ji Sung volition prima arsenic Kang Yo Han, a caput justice with mysterious intentions: is helium a leader of the radical successful a satellite filled with chaos, oregon is helium a devil who wears the disguise of the law?

Kim Min Jung volition prima successful the play arsenic Jung Sun Ah, Kang Yo Han’s almighty nemesis and the lone idiosyncratic susceptible of making him interruption a sweat. As the enforcement manager of a CSR (corporate societal responsibility) foundation, Jung Sun Ah wields an unthinkable magnitude of powerfulness successful the fictional satellite of “The Devil Judge,” and she uses her innate charm to power the powerfulness players of the governmental sphere.

Although Jung Sun Ah is simply a terrifyingly influential insider who sits astatine the apical of the nutrient chain, she appears connected the aboveground to beryllium a harmless, well-meaning do-gooder. Trusted and beloved by the public, she ever wears a disguise of composure that hides her interior feelings, and she ne'er reveals what she’s truly thinking.

The producers of the drama remarked, “As a quality who controls the dystopian nine [of ‘The Devil Judge’], Jung Sun Ah volition go different axis of evil that is wholly antithetic from Kang Yo Han. We anticipation that you volition look guardant to Kim Min Jung’s show arsenic Jung Sun Ah, which volition present some thrills and suspense.”

“The Devil Judge” premieres connected July 3 astatine 9 p.m. KST and volition beryllium disposable with subtitles connected Viki. In the meantime, cheque retired a teaser for the play here!

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