Lee Do Hyun Talks About Working With Go Min Si And Oh Man Seok, Historical Setting Of “Youth Of May,” And More

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Lee Do Hyun precocious gave an interrogation connected the extremity of his play “Youth of May.”

“Youth of May” is simply a romance play astir the fateful gathering of aesculapian pupil Hwang Hee Tae (Lee Do Hyun) and caregiver Kim Myung Hee (Go Min Si), who autumn successful emotion amid the whirlwind events of May 1980, a historically important clip play successful South Korea.

Lee Do Hyun said, “First of all, I’m relieved that we were capable to decorativeness filming safely. It was an grant to enactment with specified a large director, writer, accumulation crew, and co-stars, who helped maine enactment profoundly immersed successful my relation from the commencement of filming prep to the extremity of filming.”

He continued, “The astir enjoyable but besides the astir hard part was successful playing a young antheral who could person realistically lived during that play successful 1980. When I was preparing for the play and during filming, I often thought, ‘What would I person done successful 1980?’ I besides recovered a thread of transportation betwixt those times and now. I realized anew, ‘Sharing emotion is thing that’s the aforesaid past arsenic it is now.’ Things aren’t each antithetic conscionable due to the fact that the times and concern person changed.”

In the drama, Lee Do Hyun stars other Go Min Si, who plays his emotion interest, and Oh Man Seok, who plays his father. Lee Do Hyun had antecedently worked with Go Min Si successful the Netflix bid “Sweet Home,” wherever they played member and sister. Lee Do Hyun said, “I was capable to enactment comfortably connected acceptable due to the fact that of Go Min Si. We’re the aforesaid property successful existent life, and we’d worked unneurotic before, truthful we were capable to person comfy and elaborate conversations astir scenes.”

He added, “It was an grant to enactment with Oh Man Seok. He’s a elder histrion whom I respect a lot, truthful I was truly blessed to beryllium moving with him. I thought that helium would beryllium the benignant to acceptable the vibe close distant connected set, but adjacent though helium was frightening and crisp arsenic soon arsenic the cameras rolled, helium was ever lukewarm and affable connected set. I felt similar I could spot him and travel wherever helium led.”

About the praise helium garnered for his performance, helium said, “I’m grateful adjacent conscionable for radical to cognize my name, truthful I was moved erstwhile radical started attaching affectionate nicknames to maine arsenic well. There’s thing that I’d ever wanted to hear: ‘an histrion you tin spot to watch.’ I privation to enactment hard and go an histrion that radical tin spot to ticker a task conscionable by proceeding that I americium successful it.”

He shared, “‘Youth of May’ is simply a task that taught maine that ‘youth’ has nary age. No substance however aged oregon young you are, ‘youth’ is the infinitesimal that you’re successful close now. I deliberation I’ll deliberation astir Hee Tae whenever I’m having a hard time. He embodies for maine the message, ‘You’re doing good close now. You’re surviving a bully life. And you tin bash adjacent better.'”

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