Lee Je Hoon Shares His Thoughts About His Upcoming Drama “Move To Heaven”

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Lee Je Hoon is connected the screen of The Big Issue Korea’s 251st issue!

Currently, the histrion is starring successful the deed SBS play “Taxi Driver,” and his Netflix archetypal bid “Move to Heaven” volition beryllium released connected May 14.

In the interrogation aft the photograph shoot, Lee Je Hoon talked astir “Move to Heaven.”

“Move to Heaven” is astir an ex-convict with a hopeless aboriginal named Jo Sang Gu (Lee Je Hoon) who abruptly becomes the guardian of Han Gu Ru (Tang Jun Sang), his nephew with Asperger’s syndrome. Together, they enactment arsenic “trauma cleaners,” radical who clean up transgression scenes and organize the belongings of the deceased. Through the experience, they learn about the value of beingness and decease arsenic good arsenic household and communication.

Lee Je Hoon commented, “When I first read the script, I wondered if I’ve ever felt this overmuch sympathy and shed this galore tears portion reading a scenario. It’s a precise bully quality drama, truthful I hope many radical ticker it.”

For this drama, Lee Je Hoon made a drastic translation with his hairsbreadth and worked hard to represent a caller quality helium has ne'er portrayed before. He besides learned a batch astir trauma cleaners arsenic good arsenic Asperger’s syndrome done this heartfelt experience.

The histrion added, “Various events successful our nine are genuinely incorporated successful this drama.”

“Move to Heaven” volition beryllium released connected May 14 astatine 4 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, ticker “Taxi Driver”:

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