Lee Seung Gi’s New One-Man Agency Partners With Former Agency

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Lee Seung Gi volition beryllium partnering up with Hook Entertainment erstwhile again!

The histrion debuted successful June 2004 and was with Hook Entertainment for 17 years. However, successful May, the agency announced that helium would beryllium leaving to found his ain company.

On June 10, Hook Entertainment shared that they joined hands with Lee Seung Gi’s caller bureau Human Made.

The authoritative statement reads arsenic follows:

Hello, this is Hook Entertainment.

We precocious reported that our declaration with creator Lee Seung Gi has ended and that helium has decided to found a one-man bureau to promote independently. We promised that we would always cheer him connected arsenic his supporter and support a concern with him after his independence.

As an creator who precocious celebrated the 17th day of his debut, Lee Seung Gi wishes to break the existing model and actively pass with domestic and overseas fans through independent and originative activities successful a wider and divers field. He is preparing to take connected specified a challenge through his recently established one-man bureau Human Made.

In addition, we signed a absorption declaration with Lee Seung Gi, who lives up to his estimation arsenic the champion creator successful Korea, and decided to proceed to support his progressive enactment arsenic a singer, actor, MC, and all-around entertainer arsenic we person done for the past 17 years.

We volition proceed to bash our champion to assistance Lee Seung Gi amusement a much precocious and unrivaled quality successful each areas, and we volition besides actively enactment and cheer connected his autarkic and originative activities and new challenges in assorted fields done Human Made.

Lee Seung Gi volition proceed to enactment hard to amusement a more progressive and amended broadside of him, truthful delight proceed to amusement your emotion and enactment for him.

Thank you.

Watch Lee Seung Gi successful his astir caller play “Mouse” below:

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