Libyan interior minister survives assassination attempt in Tripoli

6 days ago 13

The interior curate of Libya's UN-backed government, connected Sunday survived an assassination effort by unidentified gunmen successful the westbound of the superior Tripoli, the Interior Ministry said successful a statement.
"At 3 p.m. (1300 GMT), an assassination effort targeted Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha arsenic helium was returning from his residence successful Janzour territory (western Tripoli). An armored Toyota opened occurrence astatine the Minister's convoy utilizing instrumentality guns," the connection said.
Bashagha's information guards fired backmost astatine the gunmen, sidesplitting a gunman and capturing 2 others, portion 1 defender was injured, according to the ministry statement.   
The Ministry confirmed that each indispensable ineligible measures regarding the attempted assassination person been taken.
Libya has been suffering insecurity and chaos ever since the autumn of the precocious person Muammar Gaddafi's authorities successful 2011.

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