LOONA’s Heejin And Chuu Talk About Their Deep Bond With Their Bandmates

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In a caller interrogation and pictorial for The Star magazine, LOONA’s Heejin and Chuu dished connected their emotion for their chap radical members!

The 2 idols posed for the magazine’s April contented successful an array of airy springtime looks that matched the pictorial’s caller effect theme.

Expressing her excitement for the shoot, Chuu remarked, “I’m delighted to beryllium posing for a pictorial with Heejin. I ever wanted the 2 of america to bash a photograph sprout together.”

Later, the 2 LOONA members sat down for a post-shoot interrogation successful which they reflected connected however acold they’d travel since their authoritative radical debut successful 2018.

“I deliberation we did a bully occupation dilatory rising up, measurement by step,” said Heejin, earlier humbly adding, “It’s acknowledgment to the different LOONA members, who each recovered spot together, that we were capable to marque it this far.”

As for what their chap LOONA members mean to them, Heejin shared, “They’re truthful precious to me. If I don’t spot the different members for conscionable 1 day, I miss them. That’s however profoundly they’ve seeped into my mundane life.”

Chuu chimed in, “The spot I consciousness the astir comfy is wherever the different members are. When I get astatine our dorm, I instantly consciousness relaxed.”

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