Lumbini: Bimala Oli moves to Maoist Centre to bar Pokhrel’s re-election bid

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Butwal, May 2

The assurance of Shankar Pokhrel, who resigned from the presumption of the Lumbini main curate connected Sunday morning, has been shaken with 1 lawmaker supporting him defecting to the CPN-Maoist Centre.

After submitting his resignation, Pokhrel was certain to get re-elected arsenic the main of the single-party authorities arsenic his CPN-UML had 41 of the existing 81 lawmakers successful the Provincial Assembly.

However, Bimala Oli contiguous announced that she joined the Maoist Centre, which has precocious filed a no-confidence motion against Pokhrel.

With this, Pokhrel is abbreviated of 1 ballot to bid the bulk successful the legislative.

Oli was elected arsenic a campaigner of the past Nepal Communist Party during the by-election successful November 2019. The by-election was held aft her hubby Uttar Kumar Oli, who had won the canvass successful 2017 successful Dang 3B representing the CPN-UML successful 2017.

However, pursuing the Supreme Court verdict rejecting the 2018 unification between the past CPN-UML and the CPN-Maoist Centre, the 2 parties had been revived successful this state also. After that, the lawmakers elected arsenic members of the NCP were escaped to take either of the 2 parties.

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