M.C the MAX’s J.Yoon Passes Away

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M.C the MAX subordinate J.Yoon has passed away.

J.Yoon’s bureau contacted the constabulary connected May 13 arsenic they were incapable to scope him, and the constabulary recovered him passed distant astatine his home.

His bureau has released the pursuing statement:

This is M.C the MAX’s bureau 325 E&C.

We are relaying specified unfortunate and tragic news. M.C the MAX J.Yoon near our sides connected May 13.

At the abrupt mournful news, the M.C the MAX members and each 325 E&C unit are grieving with large sadness.

We are precise heartbroken to relay unfortunate quality to the fans who person sent endless emotion and enactment to J.Yoon.

Please privation for J.Yoon to remainder successful peace, and we inquire that [the media] refrain from speculative articles successful information of his family.

Our deepest condolences spell retired to J.Yoon’s household and friends.

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