MONSTA X’s Minhyuk, APRIL’s Naeun, And NCT’s Jaehyun Say Their Goodbyes To “Inkigayo” On Last Day As Hosts

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MONSTA X’s Minhyuk, APRIL’s Naeun, and NCT’s Jaehyun said farewell to “Inkigayo.”

The February 28 broadcast of “Inkigayo” marked the past time of the 3 idols arsenic the show’s MCs. The trio is often referred to arsenic MinNaHyun, which is simply a operation of syllables from each of their names.

Prior to their past broadcast, Minhyuk shared a fewer words done his agency. He said, “When I became a fixed MC for the archetypal clip astatine a programme I utilized to ticker connected TV since I was small portion processing my imagination of becoming a singer, I was truly nervous. But a twelvemonth and 4 months person passed already, and I person our past broadcast up of me. After I became a fixed member connected a programme for the archetypal time, my emotion for the large accumulation squad and chap hosts kept growing, truthful I consciousness precise sad. By moving with large people, I was capable to larn galore things, and I deliberation I volition beryllium capable to execute a batch acknowledgment to the enactment I received. I would similar to convey the viewers who sent their emotion and enactment for MinNaHyun each Sunday from their homes until now. Lastly, Monbebe, I volition instrumentality arsenic a amended mentation of myself.”

At extremity of the “Inkigayo” broadcast, each MC shared their thoughts connected stepping down from the amusement aft a twelvemonth and 4 months.

Jaehyun shared, “Today, I felt a spot unusual since the intro part. It doesn’t consciousness existent yet, but I deliberation I’ll consciousness bare erstwhile it’s over. I was precise thankful and blessed during the 1 twelvemonth and 4 months that I spent with the large PDs (producing directors) and writers. I’m besides truly thankful for the viewers who cheered for and enjoyed MinNaHyun’s chemistry. I’ll beryllium backmost with a chill performance.”

Naeun said, “During the 1 twelvemonth and 4 months that I spent hosting ‘Inkigayo,’ I learned truthful overmuch and had specified a large experience. I deliberation that was acknowledgment to the ‘Inkigayo’ staff. MinNaHyun has received a batch of love, and I’m so, truthful thankful to Minhyuk and Jaehyun for taking the pb truthful well. And I besides convey our fans Fineapple for cheering america on. I volition proceed to enactment hard. Thank you truthful much.”

Minhyuk commented, “I consciousness similar it was the fastest twelvemonth and 4 months since my debut. Above all, I had a blessed clip gathering specified large colleagues, seniors and juniors, and staff. I’ll ne'er hide it. I’m thankful for the clip until now, and I anticipation to spot you again arsenic a amended mentation of myself.”

Lastly, the 3 idols shared, “Thank you for showing emotion for MinNaHyun. We volition instrumentality to ‘Inkigayo’ with large stages truthful delight hold for us.'”

Photos were shared connected each of the idols’ authoritative Twitter accounts arsenic well. They are each posing successful beforehand of a partition that has MinNaHyun photos pasted successful the signifier of a bosom with the substance “MinNaHyun,” “Thank you,” and “Love You” successful the center.

2019년 10월 20일부터 파인에플의 일요일을 책임져준 나은이✊✊
나은이의 인기가요 MC 마지막 날을 함께해주세요?#APRIL #에이프릴 #이나은 #SBS #인기가요 #낭니가요

— APRIL (@APRIL_DSPmedia) February 28, 2021

?✨??✨?#잰니가요?#JAEHYUN #NCT127 #NCT #인기가요

— NCT 127 (@NCTsmtown_127) February 28, 2021

In his post, Minhyuk wrote, “To each those who enjoyed us, I emotion you and convey you. Minhyuk, you worked hard.”

그동안 좋아해주신 모든 분들 사랑하고 감사합니다 민혁아 고생많았다ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ #민혁

— 몬스타엑스_MONSTA X (@OfficialMonstaX) February 28, 2021

Starting adjacent week, IZ*ONE’s An Yu Jin, TREASURE’s Jihoon, and NCT’s Sungchan will instrumentality implicit arsenic the caller “Inkigayo” MCs.

Check out SBS’s compilation of MinNaHyun moments, including a clip of their past time astatine the extremity (beginning astatine the clip stamp 33:48):

Watch “Inkigayo” below:

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