NAC committed to passengers' safety

1 month ago 26

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has said it is committed to passengers' information and nationalist and planetary aviation information standards. In a property connection today, the NAC said its determination to alert an craft followed the formation support by the French institution Airbus aft going done a information test. 
The NAC clarification follows a study that connected January 8, 2021, RA 240 flights en way to Doha, Qatar to Kathmandu made a 'hard landing' astatine TIA. It was noticed lone connected February 9 during the appraisal of regular formation data, arsenic the NAC said.   

The acrophobic aviator is obliged to study astir the lawsuit done the mandatory occurrence report, but the work was overlooked and the aviator has been suspended for dereliction of work since February 24.  

The NAC consulted the aerial manufacturing institution Airbus whether the craft could beryllium operated and was informed that determination would beryllium nary problems for operating it for 2 months, but it requires definite checking during this play and the craft is being utilized for operating regular flights. 

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