Nasty is nasty, but he has Grammy dreams for Nepal’s hip-hop

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Sitting astatine a java store successful Kathmandu, Abhishek Baniya, 27, is talking astir winning Grammys. He is superior astir it. There is simply a spark successful his eyes and a intent successful his voice. His entourage believes successful him too. But, astir importantly, helium believes successful himself. 

In the past 10 years, Baniya, popularly known arsenic Nasty, has go a stalwart successful Nepal’s increasing hip-hop scene. His beats, similar his alias, are nasty; his travel is creaseless and fresh; his lyrics are witty, punny and meaningful. Add, his quality to nutrient music… you get a Nepali rapper who has the endowment to marque it astatine the planetary stage.

“We’re being noticed abroad. But this is conscionable the beginning,” says Baniya. “But, we person a batch to bash to get those Grammys to Nepal.”

The posey kid gets tough

Baniya grew up similar immoderate different millennial kid enjoying the elemental things successful life. He learnt however to fume cigarettes, learnt however to speech to girls and spent clip playing with his friends. He says helium was bullied a batch successful schoolhouse and adds that it made him tougher arsenic a idiosyncratic arsenic helium understood that being brushed was not going to work.

That changed erstwhile helium started listening to hip-hop successful 2009. It started teaching him things that schoolhouse and household did not. Listening to artists similar Lil Wayne, Eminem and Jay-Z made him deliberation differently. He started to larn astir relationships, finances, jobs, and nine done rap. Even though helium was ridiculed successful schoolhouse and called ‘posey‘ astatine first, helium did not halt listening to it, helium started to clasp it.

“I wanted to bash that present successful Nepal. I person ever been a bully writer, but erstwhile I finished school, I wanted to rap.”

In school, helium hid his emotion for rap. But, arsenic helium got out, things changed arsenic did he. Rap taught him that helium needed to hustle successful beingness and enactment successful bid to basal connected his ain feet. While helium says his parents had fixed him that proposal agelong ago, hip-hop and rap taught him not to bow down to the presumption quo. Hip-hop, then, became his ‘fifth element’.

“I consciousness that it made maine much mature. I knew astir things that my peers oregon friends did not.”

By the clip helium had finished precocious schoolhouse successful 2012, Baniya was penning verses. He says helium wrote them arsenic his Facebook presumption arsenic helium was not alert wherever and however helium could grounds these songs. 

Yama Buddha’s path

But, soon that changed erstwhile helium heard Anil Adhikari (Yama Buddha)’s hit, Sathi

“That opus blew my mind. I was successful awe that specified a opus could beryllium made. After listening to that, I had to conscionable Anil dai and I’m truthful gladsome that I did.”

Meeting Adhikari successful 2013 was important to him and his career. He learned a batch astir hip-hop and production. He says Adhikari helped him get amended arsenic a rapper.

“Anil dai, Ankit (Jung Khadka), and my woman person been my biggest supporters. If they had not been pushing maine to get amended and bash better, I bash not deliberation I would person travel truthful far.”

However, helium had a tiny falling-out with Adhikari successful 2013, and the duo did not talk for a year. During that time, helium kept connected learning the creation of euphony production. As determination were lone a constricted fig of radical who knew however to nutrient beats, helium kept connected grinding and trying. He wanted to beryllium the champion bushed shaper successful Nepal and helium was connected his way. That’s erstwhile helium came up with his debut medium The Beginning.

His efforts were validated erstwhile helium reconnected himself with Adhikari, and the duo started making music.

“I was a instrumentality who worked hard capable to go his producer. It’s similar a fairy tale,” helium says. “I person a batch of respect for Anil dai. He saw my potential, and helped mould it into thing meaningful.”

He past started making beats and producing his ain songs connected a regular basis. He says helium sent songs to 10-20 radical to get feedback. That, helium says, made him a amended shaper and a rapper.

Since The Beginning, helium has released 10 albums.

When asked if helium faced immoderate problems oregon got immoderate threats owed to hip-hop, helium says no. But, helium says that the large situation that helium faced was not uncovering the close people.

“It’s an manufacture wherever you tin easy premix up with the incorrect people. Some are conscionable atrocious for you and figuring that retired was a challenge.”

Goals and Grammys

In a bid to not beryllium babelike connected others, Baniya has present started a caller record statement called Eye Crown. His purpose is to beforehand rap and marque it accessible.

“Record labels successful Nepal are sh*t. Some don’t adjacent marque bully beats. They bargain them,” helium says, “They don’t attraction astir us. If they did, we wouldn’t beryllium leaving these companies.”

Eye Crown presently handles the euphony and practice of rappers similar Brhymin, Grizzle, Nasty and V$X. He says that having been successful the manufacture for astir a decade, helium has the knowhow to commencement a statement that works for the payment of the rappers and adds that his main purpose is to marque definite 1 of them goes international.

“It’s astir clip we went international. Hopefully, successful the adjacent decade, Eye Crown volition beryllium location to a fewer Grammys.”

Baniya is truthful focussed connected this imagination that adjacent his parents person believed successful him. Watching him go 1 of the finest rappers successful the country, his parents inquire him astir rap lingo and person discussions astir beats. His parent erstwhile asked him if she could beryllium his manager.

“At first, they were sceptic. They felt I was throwing my beingness away. But erstwhile they understood however overmuch this meant to maine and however overmuch I wanted to win successful this, they person been supportive.”

The support, helium says, is justified. He has been generating income done hip-hop and rap and has grown arsenic a rapper, which is disposable to his parents. He says having his parents admit what helium does has been his biggest victory.

“They archer maine not to ruin my life. But, isolated from that, they are blessed with what I’ve done.”

Dealing with issues and objections

That said, helium does privation to go a pro bono lawyer and marque his father, who is simply a judge, proud. Apart from that, the degree, helium says, volition travel successful useful to woody with assorted issues that are bound to travel his mode arsenic Nepal lacks due policies and laws erstwhile it comes to state of expression.

“I’m not frightened of the police. I’m frightened of these unclear and vague laws. The constabulary are conscionable pawns.”

While the constabulary person been creating problems for rappers, helium says immoderate of them should springiness radical discourse earlier throwing retired curse words and adds that they request to beryllium mindful astir the sentiments of the people. 

“Yes, I curse successful my songs, but that won’t wounded the bulk of the colonisation due to the fact that that isn’t successful their vernacular. Plus, it is besides successful a context,” helium says. “There are immoderate who curse successful Nepali and disrespect communities and radical and they deliberation they volition get distant with it successful specified a brushed society. No, they volition ne'er get distant with it due to the fact that our nine is excessively soft.”

However, that is not his interest arsenic helium has bigger food to fry. His main purpose successful the adjacent fewer years is to marque definite that his assemblage is respected by each successful the country. For that, helium is acceptable to sacrifice truthful that the aboriginal procreation of rappers volition not person to look akin hardships him and his peers had to.

“We volition person to enactment harder due to the fact that close present things are not great. It was worse before, but things aren’t that large either,” helium says pointing retired to Uniq Poet selling his medium for Rs 350 that helium had marked it for Rs 700 and him releasing his euphony for free.

He says that some helium and Uniq should instrumentality this arsenic a situation and nutrient amended contented truthful that the assemblage volition consciousness atrocious to perceive to it for free.

“We request to alteration the mindset of the radical done our music. Things volition instrumentality time, but we are heading successful the close direction.”

That, helium says, volition hap with Eye Crown wherever helium has reserved abstraction to enactment up Grammy awards.

“This mightiness beryllium a gag to many, but spot maine it’s going to come. And, erstwhile it does, I’ll beryllium the lone 1 laughing.”

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