Nepal and Qatar to collaborate for tourism promotion

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Kathmandu, April 7

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) CEO Dhananjay Regmi and Qatari Ambassador to Nepal Yousuf Bin Mohamed Alhail held a gathering connected Monday astatine the committee bureau and discussed prospects of collaboration betwixt the 2 countries for tourism promotion.

A property connection released by the committee says the 2 agreed to enactment unneurotic to forging bilateral practice successful the sector.

The Qatari envoy, hailing Nepal arsenic a unsocial acquisition of nature, opined that Nepal could attain economical improvement done tourism provided Nepal underscores the improvement of carnal infrastructures, the connection informs.

“The earthy quality of Nepal is truthful mesmerising. I americium often spellbound by the quality of Nepal,” helium has been quoted successful the statement, “Many overseas tourists person not been capable to marque Nepal their destinations successful deficiency of due installation of proscription and costly airfare for the foreigners,” helium said, urging the authorities acrophobic to wage attraction to this issue.

He reaffirmed the Qatari government’s enactment successful the promotion of Nepal’s tourism.

Similarly, CEO Regmi said that Nepal had forwarded a caller program for the promotion of tourism successful Middle East countries including Qatar.

He reassured that Nepal was acceptable to big Qatari tourists by providing them facilities they look for specified arsenic Halal nutrient and supplication country among others.

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